New Ti Bottom Bracket

Monday, February 3rd, 2020

“Fit and forget”

New for 2020 are an all new range of bottom brackets again featuring premium quality sealed titanium coated racer bearings. Designed to last in even the toughest conditions. 

On sale in February we are offering a number of Bottom bracket types (UK SRP £59.99):

Threaded 68/73mm:                  Shimano HT2, GXP & DUB

Threaded 83mm:                        Shimano HT2 & GXP

Threaded 73mm:                        30mm spindle cranks

Pressfit 89mm/ 92mm:              Shimano HT2, GXP & DUB

The bottom brackets will come with a 2 year warranty*.

Both Headset and Bottom bracket ranges are available in the 6 Horizon colourways of Black, grey, copper, red, blue and purple. 

Scientific bit:

The titanium coating is applied using “Physical Vapour Deposition” which means that the material is vaporised in a vacuum environment and then deposited on the bearing races as a composition coating. This process allows the structure, density and stoichiometry of the coating to be controlled allowing the exact attributes in our design brief to be achieved. The coating is 0.000118” thick and has a molecular bond to the bearing races so it won’t wear off or corrode. The bearing is ABEC 5 certified which means that it has passed tests which include ID and OD tolerance’s, roundness of ball, trueness of faces & surfaces as well as noise testing at high RPM making it the perfect bearing for use in a headset.

These bearings have been designed for use in the harshest conditions, are highly inert and do not oxidize (Therefore will not corrode easily).

Ti coated bearings

The Nukeproof test team have put them through various extreme tests so we are 100% confident in their performance. So confident that Nukeproof will back the new Ti headsets with a 5-year warranty and bottom brackets with a 2 year warranty.

In laymen’s terms, they perform well and last for ages- what more do you need?


Bottom Cup Options

Headtube Internal Diameter



Black 1.1/8″ EX34-30 – B1


1 1/8″


Black 1.1/8″ EX44-40 – B5




Black 1.5″ EX49-40 – B7




Black 1.5″ ZS56-40 – B8





*Terms and conditions on

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Photo: Laurence Crossman- Emms 


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