Cub Scout 2020- Kids Bikes With Attitude

Thursday, February 13th, 2020


“Kids Bikes With Attitude”

In-line with most new products to come from Nukeproof; the addition of the kid’s bike range was mostly inspired by our own selfish needs. Lots of our staff and racers such as Nigel Page & Sam Hill, now have young families and there is nothing better than getting the kids out on the trails to enjoy two wheels with Mum and Dad.  

The new Cub-Scout is not just another kids bike: taking inspiration from our award-winning Scout adult hardtail range. No matter the wheel size; the Cub-Scout has been designed from the ground-up as a proper mini-hardtail bike. Designed to allow kids enjoy shredding off road, learn the ropes of riding, inspire confidence and act as the perfect platform for progression. Developed and tested with the help of our own kids, we have created a class leading lightweight kids bike range to inspire and nurture budding future World Cup or EWS winners!

The new range of Cub-Scout Hardtails are available in 20”, 24” or 26” options; meaning that there should be a bike to suit kids of all sizes from aged 5 and up. Each bike features a lightweight custom butted 6061 Alloy frame with bang up to date long, low and slack kids specific geometry.

Proper fit and function of components is essential for kids bikes because adult components are not optimised for smaller people. We took the time to test and develop our own or work with our partners to select the best kids-specific components we could find on the market. In-line with all Nukeproof bikes the components chosen were all tested, tuned and optimised to perform how we wanted them too, to ensure that our riders get the best on-trail experience possible. Lastly the fun part, testing with our very own small human trail shredders to ensure that all bikes are dialled in for you.

Each wheel size will be available in two spec’s Race and Sport. The bikes will be on sale in February 2020.

Cub Scout 20” Sport:

SRP: £599 / USD $ 599

Cub Scout 20” Race (Pictured) – As above Plus:

SRP: £899 / $899

Cub Scout 24” Sport (Pictured):

SRP: £699 / $699

Cub Scout 24” Race – As above Plus:

SRP: £999 / $999


Cub Scout 26” Sport:

SRP: £749 / $749

Cub Scout 26” Race (Pictured) – As above plus:

SRP: £999 / $999

We’re stoked to introduce the new range, paving the way for the next generation of Nukeproof trail shredders. Bikes will be available through all authorised Nukeproof retails from 21th February 2020

Lastly a Huge thank you to our video shredders: Flynn Drelincourt, Albert Stewart and Harrison Page.

Click here for  2020 Nukeproof Bike Brochure

Photo: Laurence Crossman- Emms 

Video: Caldwell Visuals 


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