2020 HZN Carbon & Alloy handlebars

Monday, February 3rd, 2020

“They just got better”

Building on the success and performance of the original Horizon Carbon bars, one of the strongest and best performing bars on the market. After extensive testing from computer modelling, lab testing and importantly on the bike, the Horizon V2 is ready for the trails. 

The V2 is a ground up redesign, all new shape, feel and lay up in both 31.8mm and also introducing an all new 35mm offering (HZN Stems are also available in 35mm).  The new bar profile retains the same angles and rise options but with a unique offset profile. We think 9° backsweep is the most ergonomic angle for your wrists but the trade-off is you lose some reach vs using a bar with a lower degree of backsweep. This new offset design reduces the overall backsweep at the end of the bar as you roll your bar by 10mm. In effect, compared to standard 9° bars, the new Nukeproof Horizon bars will reduce the lost reach significantly putting your bar in the same position as a bar with a lower degree of backsweep whilst retaining the ergonomic angle. To keep it simple all versions of the bar are available in 780mm and 800mm widths.  

When we looked at developing our carbon bar, we were confident that the handlebar we had was already one of the strongest on the market, but we wanted to confirm this with lab data. To do this we tested our existing bar along with our competitor’s handlebars in the lab to see the like for like results. We saw some surprising results as well as gathered the data needed to develop a new carbon bar ensuring that the strength and flex characteristics of our old bar remained, whilst allowing us to develop our new handlebar and improve further on the original design.

3K Carbon- ultra strong where you need it most

After extensive testing we have optimising the layup. The carbon V2 bars retain a designed degree of compliance to help reduce trail fatigue and small bump chatter but have superior strength figures. To ensure safety and longevity we have incorporate a 3k carbon weave at the bar tips and grip surface. This increases strength around grips/ shifter/ brake lever clamping areas as well as areas where they are most likely to impact the ground. The main body utilises high quality UD carbon layup. 

A result of the re-design the V2 Horizon Carbon Handlebar overall weight is reduced by approximately 20g lighter than the previous bar (25mm rise, 31.8mm clamp 252g vs 232g).

The finish of the bars is also improved with a graphic revision. To aid set up, all angle markings are in the riders view to dial in the perfect feel for ultimate control. All clamping points feature particle paint to grip to components at the recommended torque settings.

We’re confident in these bars and continue to offer our lifetime warranty on the Horizon Carbon handlebars.


Particle Paint around clamping points for lock on grip and security

As well as the carbon bar, our ultimate aluminium Horizon alloy bars are also re shaped to offer all the benefits of the carbon bar design. Again, available in 31.8 and now 35mm options and 800mm width.

The bar is formed from high quality 7075 alloy and available in 6 colours and updated graphics and finish. Neutron bars are 6061 alloy with the same rise and clamp options as the carbon bars.

Not Just Carbon we have also available the updated Alloy range


Carbon HZN Handlebars:               £110

Alloy HZN Bars:                                 £60  

FULL 2020 Components Brochure: 2020_Nukeproof_Component_Brochure



Horizon Carbon

Horizon Alloy



UD Carbon with 3K at ends



Clamp Options

31.8mm or 35mm

31.8mm or 35mm



780mm or 800mm




12mm, 25mm or 38mm

12mm, 25mm or 38mm







Carbon / Grey

Black, Blue, Red, Purple, Grey, Copper


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Photo: Laurence Crossman- Emms 


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