Nukeproof Christmas Gift Guide

Tuesday, December 10th, 2019

“Guide to the best gifts for a Nukeproof fan this Christmas”

Mountain bikers are funny folk. Despite a sport that has thousands of component and lovely anodised things available on the market, generally they are a difficult person to buy for. Most riders seem to buy what they want when they want it! Or simply save up to indulge in their guilty pleasure.  

To help you out here is our little gift guide for your friends, family & loved ones to buy you in relative safety. 

#1 NUKEPROOF TECH SOCKS: Can go wrong with a pair of Socks. Nukeproof Socks of course, fit for riding or everyday and available in a variety of colours; Maroon, Blue & Green SRP: £10

#2 NUKEPROOF OUTLAND TEE: Can’t have too many tee’s can you? But the Outland Tech tee is a casual looking riding tee, that wicks sweat and is a lot more breathable than a standard cotton tee.   SRP £30 

#3 Blackline Gloves: Everyone loves a set of fresh gloves. These Blackline Gloves are designed to protect against the cold weather, yet have a rad single layer clarino leather palm to allow you to feel the bike.  SRP: £20 

#4 Nukeproof Beanie: The Humble Beanie is an essential kit for self respecting rider. From the benefits of warmth (Our beanies are thermally lined to keep you cosy) to covering the wild helmet hair after a ride! SRP: £15 

#5 Nukeproof Pedals: May need some homework here to see if the recipient rides “cliped in” or flat pedals (look for a mechanism in the middle of the pedal or if you can see if there riding shoes have a metal cleat on the sole of them! 

Our pedals are available in a variety of colours and prices, so depends on how deep your wallet is. SRP: From £30-£100 

#6 Nukeproof Enduro Strap: These straps are made to keep you out of trouble. Designed to hold an inner tube, Co2 cartridge and tyre levers (Sold Separate- but you could make up a nice bundle for them 🙂  SRP: £14    

#7 Nukeproof Sam Hill Grips: Some fresh Grips are always nice and the new Sam Hill ones were designed in conjunction with Sam. Super soft for ultimate confidence on the bike. SRP: £19.99 

#8 Nukeproof Scout Frame Only: ‘Tis the season for hardtail (a mountain bike with no rear suspension). These are great for the winter as there are less moving parts to damage in the wet/ mud and grit. A Hardtail is a great second bike for any rider and perfect platform for a custom build.  SRP: £400.

#9 Nukeproof Bike of Choice: Ok so this is dream land, but sure there may be some very very lucky person that will receive (or buy for themselves) a bike this Christmas! We now have a wide range to choose from with the addition of the Reactor & Dissent e this year. Just need to select what you want: 

#10 Nukeproof Flexi flask: Maybe a more realistic end to our list is the Flexi flask. sure useful reusable water bottle. Perfect to stash away on rides, walks & runs. the bottle slowly deflates as you drink and can be collapsed and stored when its empty 

#11 MTB Skill course: Not a Nukeproof product but very useful for any rider no mater what the level they ride at. From Pro to just starting out there are a variety of skills schools that you can contact. Off course our choices would be UK based Ride MTB with the hugely talented Nukeproof ace & U21 Enduro World Champion; Elliott Heap or Empire Coaching (Australia) where the legendary Downhill and Enduro World Champion Sam Hill is the main man. 

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