Alastair Scottish Champ

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Fort William, one of the best DH tracks on the World Cup Curcuit was the venue for this years Scottish Championship.  

Fort William, one of the best DH tracks on the World Cup Curcuit was the venue for this years Scottish Championship. 

Little maintenance had been done since the WC event here and the track was pretty rough. This coupled with the long length of the track meant that it was going to be a true test of strength, stanima and skills of the competitors which made it ideal for the premier race of the Scottish Callender.

The weather was perfect for Saturday practice and I spent the day sectioning the track and throwing in a few full runs testing out a few new lines that had appeared. I also stiffened up the suspension front and rear to squeeze out a bit more speed which helped, but my hands took a beating.

Race day saw the weather turn against us as we were met with strong gusty wind and heavy rain which made the going a bit harder. As the day went on the rain cleared but the wind remained.

I went up for my first race run to find out that the running order had been reversed and I was now to go first with no time for my warm up as well as now likely catching slower riders ahead. I started my race run riding a bit angry and made a few costly mistakes before catching up and having to pass two riders losing more valuable time and cruising into the finish. I was surprised when I finished fastest with David Tallontire (Uplift Scotland) 2nd and Martin Hodgson (i Cycles) 3rd

Second race run I made sure I got a good warm up and I was given a bigger gap before starting which was great. I got a good start and kept the power on at every opportunity as well as tucking to avoid the wind. I was happy with all my lines and held good speed throughout the run feeling very confident on some of the trickier bits. 

The big tabletops on the motorway were a real challenge in the headwind and I didn,t quite manage to clear them but still held good speed and dropped into the finish to record a 5.17 which gave me the win with David Tallontire 2nd in 5.25 and Martin Hodgson a few seconds back to take a well deserved 3rd.

I was really happy to take the Scottish Champion Title again but even happier when my son took the Juvenile Title as well, undoubtedly helped by his Nukeproof Socks!

Big thanks for great support on the hill and to all the SDA Committee, medics and marshalls. It was a wild day on the hill and not a place many people would choose to be.

Next race: No Fuss Events Endurance Downhill


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