Alastair wins BDS2

Monday, May 14th, 2012

Nukeproof’s Alastair Maclennan didn’t have to travel too far for the second round of the BDS and took the win from fellow Scalp rider, Nigel Page.  Here’s the full report. 

Nukeproof’s Alastair Maclennan didn’t have to travel too far for the second round of the BDS and took the win from fellow Scalp rider, Nigel Page.  Here’s the full report.

Fort William was the venue for the 2nd round of the British Downhill Series which meant I did not have to travel far to race which made a change. 

The weather was going to play a big part in the proceedings and it looked likely that the race would be cancelled on the Sunday which meant qualifying being brought forward to saturday with the likelihood that this was going to be the final race results.

A large part of the entry took advantage to practice the track on Friday in the sunny weather and I had a great time doing quite a few runs with some of the other Nukeproof guys.

I usually feel quite good on this track and have plenty of strength and endurance on it, but this weekend I felt especially comfortable on it and was able to let go a bit more and felt very smooth. Hopefully the new training regime is making a difference and will transfer to most of the other races this season.

After Fridays practice we woke up to another good day on Saturday and it was again stressed by organisers to make qualifying count because of the looming weather warning

I desperately wanted a win this weekend, but it was always going to be hard to beat Nigel Page ( with his formidable reputation . I had put all other opposition to the back of my mind as there was only one Scalp I wanted to take on the Nukeproof  this weekend.

I was a bit concerned at the start as I knew I was going to catch up one or two riders in front and this would slow down my pace and probably ruin any chance of victory I had. 

I couldn’t be moved further back in the start line as it was all fast guys behind me, but one of them, Darren Howarth offered to go in front of me which provided the buffer I needed and potentially meant he was now going to be slowed down on catching someone. 

I got good pace right from the start and kept the wheels low as it was now very windy. My entire run was smooth and I pretty much hit all the right lines and was very happy with the speed I carried over the rough track and still had plenty energy left for the hard pedal down the motorway section catching Darren not far from the finish. 

I went into 1st place with Jason Carpenter (Dragon Downhill) and Nigel Page (  still to come. Jason came down next some 20 secs down and then it was all eyes on Page coming over the Tiso Jump heading for the finish. It was looking a bit close for comfort as he approached, but when he crossed the line he was just over 2 secs down which gave me the win.

These results stood as final results as it was announced that Sunday was indeed cancelled due to weather.

It was a very proud moment standing on the podium one step above Nigel. I think I will put this memory in my career hall of fame!

Big thanks to Nukeproof for their support, to all the local support I got on the day and to Darren Howarth, Gentleman Racer

Next Race: SDA Round 2 Glencoe 

Pic: Jacob Gibbins

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