BDS Rnd 4 – Caersws, Wales

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

It was fairly steep in places with fast sections into tight switchbacks and the occasional drop and small jump.

Towards the end there was a steeper shute before dropping off steep roots and launching down across a road into a mega fast berm and then on down a field into the finish. Quite a fun track with not much line choice .

As it happened the sun shone most of Saturday practice with only a very light shower which didnt affect the track much. I felt happy with the track by the end of the day and as usual the scalp was feeling great and fun to ride.

I managed 3 practice runs on race day as the uplifts were very efficient and I felt good to go.

Just before we set off on our seeding run the rain came down heavy and the track changed dramatically, I had kept the spikes on so I had the right tyres for the job.

I took a wrong line in a steep stump field and dropped too low on the track loosing a few seconds but soon got back to speed and finished a bit slower than planned. John Cobb (Mule Bar) took fastest seeding time with Nigel Page (Chain Reaction 2nd and myself a few seconds down in 3rd.

By race run the track had dried a lot and was going to be faster. I had to push hard to try and get valuable points. I got a good start and then blew out on one of the tight switchbacks which lost a bit of time and then had a good run from there till the finish. Nigel Page came down and smashed my time on his proto Nukeproof Pulse to take the win and then John Cobb came in less than a second faster than me which put me in 3rd.

Still came away with good points but will have to push hard in the remaining 2 rounds.    

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