GMBN’s Blake Sampson’s Megavalanche spec Scout 275 Custom

Friday, July 19th, 2019

“Insane custom Scout 275 for GMBN’s Blake Sampson Megavalanche”

The Megavalanche use to be an event for downhill bikes, then came the “all mountain/ enduro bike” where our very own Mega was conceived and designed to compete at. But there are a select few individuals that like to push the boundaries.

For those that don’t know Blake Sampson, he’s an insanely talented Pro freerider turned GMBN’s presenter. His skills are not limited to “just” trick’s as he’s pretty handy turn of speed and this is his second attempt at the Megavalanche. 

Lets not pretend this is a one off, he isn’t the only person racing at the Megavalanche on a hardtail, there were a few other battle harden individual who’s sanity had to be questioned, most of which show an incredible speed despite the rough terrain.

But, Blake was the only one to our knowledge that made the main scratch race with an awesome 17th place in qualifying on his custom built Scout 275. 

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Here’s a low down on Blake’s custom Scout 275: 

Set Up:

Pressure wheels front and rear 30psi with a insert in both.

Forks: 80psi 3 token 

Blake reported no punctures all week which is an achievement at the Mega! 

Check out his full race run here: 



Photos by Laurence Crossman Emms 


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