Darcy Coutts- Mid Season Check in

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016

“Mid Season Check in with Nukeproof Development rider Darcy Coutts” 


Words: Darcy Coutts

Photos: Rob Conroy, Harry Harwig, Daniel Brooks

How is your season tracking?

So far my seasons been fairly decent. I have improved a lot between races and had a couple of good results mainly cause I’ve been working on my fitness a lot and I feel I’m getting stronger every time I race. I’m hoping I get enough points to find a spot in the Australian Junior Downhill team and race Cairns World Cup in April.


Darcy loving the ideal conditions at Thredbo, NSW for round 3 of the MTBA National Series

This was your first 27.5 bike and basically you started riding it basically at the start of the Victorian Downhill Series round 1. How has that been for you and what’s your biggest feeling of change in the wheel sizes?

I never used to think it would be too much or a difference but as soon as I hoped on it I felt so much quicker. I believe the hype. I got the bike 2 days before the first round but I managed to pull a solid run together and came out 4th. This bike feels more like a race bike than my last.

How has the competition been this season (both again riders and the VDHS & National Series)?

The competition this season has been pretty strong, a lot of riders I race against are super competitive and very talented which is good because it pushes me and makes me train harder and faster. I’ve been working hard recently progressing as well as having fun! I know there are a few from juniors pushing for a spot on the Australian team and this helps me realise what needs to be done to ride faster.

Mid way through the Victorian Downhill Series and coming to the end of the National Series, what’s been your favourite track?

My favourite track would have to of been Barjarg in the state series, it was nearly technical the entire way down with only one sprint which was at the bottom, I ended up coming 2nd there under a second off the win which I’m stoked on.


An 8th at round 2 of the MTBA National series at Stromlo for this best finish at Nationals.  A 2nd at round 2 of the Victorian Downhill Series his best at the Nukeproof sponsored VDHS.

Focuses off track, what keeps you entertained?

I do a lot of trail, dirt jump and at little BMX at some local spots between races and during the off season. In March, I’ll be getting the new Nukeproof Mega which will be really good. May even do a few Enduro races on it but I’ll be using it for my usual ride and just improving my fitness using it.

Your goal of Australian National Downhill representation, what does that mean to you as a 16 year old?

I’d love to represent Australia! One of my biggest goals is to race against the world for Australia! I’m only 16 so I feel it would be a great thing to gain experience racing overseas.


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