Megavalanche 2018 – Drop From The Top

Tuesday, July 10th, 2018

“Megavalanche 2018- Drop From The Top. Nukeproof”

First week in July is the time for the annual pilgrimage to the slopes of Alp D’Hues and Pic Blanc for the Megavalanche. It’s more than a race, it’s an awesome fun week of riding and a good place to meet up with our athletes that have been travelling around the world before the second half of the season.

“Drop from the Top” came about’s as a none competitive drop in for us all to try and get use to riding on the snow. Unfortunately the snow was a little softer than anticipated despite the early start. Nether the less it was awesome fun! No mater how many times it comes to peering over the edge, the slope is still steep!!!

On our way up we caught up with the 50:1 crew & The Vanzac’s to tag onto some entertainment as well as a lot more riders that were just experiencing the fun!

Jackson fights to stay in the rut… Vanzac’s David MacMillan in the background wasn’t so luck


Techniques to crossing the snow: Yoga master Kelan harneses the power of “Jurgen” to keep both feet on the pedals..

Christo Gallagher uses the one foot dab approach

Steve opts for the full two foot balance bike two foot dab

Chris Cumming misses the rut and goes full disco..

Full hike-a-bike mode on the flat

Survival. More like a strider race across the glacier as the snow melted- in the race this was full speed tuck 80+ kmph.

After the snow, awesome alpine singletrack- faster you go the easier it is (apparently) Sandra Rubesam leading it out

Before you hit the meadow’s of Alp D’Huez one last rock section to cause havoc. Jackson Picks his line through

Awesome time dropping in, made the race seem much easier when it was piste bashed and icy!

Photo: Kike Abelleria

Video: Traxx Media

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