Megavalanche 2018; Drop from the top

Monday, June 25th, 2018


“oh shit”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Jackson Davis- Megavalanche 2017 
3300m up at the top of Pic Blanc, that moment you stare down for the first time the start of the Megavlanche.
Ever the confident folk Jackson was first to drop in last year. 10 meters later he was on his arse. “us desert rats aren’t made for this”. To be fair to him, we had gone to the top at mid day on Wednesday and the snow was mush and rutted and nearly un-ride-able.   This year we plan to head up first thing Thursday morning fresh after they have piste bashed the top and before the mid day heat kicks in.
Last years ride to Oz was awesome- More fun to be had this year with #dropfromtheTop
As a plan it would be cool to have a very informal meet up with as many like minded people riders and drop in from the top and share the experience together and of course capture it on film! You don’t have to have a Nukeproof, it’s none exclusive (you have to be registered to race that’s all and look after your own heath & safety). Just turn up at the very top lift station and we will see you up there. From there we will drop down the snow, you may even find yourself in an edit when we finish it…
We will have plenty of our athletes along as well as Steve (Our bike manager) and Rob (Marketing manager) so be cool to meet and chat with you.
Meeting details: 
Pic Blanc Téléphérique station (2700m to Pic Blanc 3300m /Top of the main DMC) 
Thursday 05-07-18 
Time: 8:30 AM (first lift at 9:15am- aim to be dropping in 9.45-10am)  

Check out our look book here for the new ride wear

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