Enduro World Series, Emerald Enduro, Ireland

Monday, May 16th, 2016

“Simply awesome”  

Wicklow, Ireland was the venue for Round 3 of the Enduro World Series. The first European race saw a huge entry from the local pinners to World Champions supported by the biggest and loudest crowd to keep all the riders going all day.

Firstly, Congratulations to winner, local hero and former Nukeproof rider; Greg Callaghan for repeating his 2015 win in Carrick


Flawless- Team CRC-Paypal – a “Downhill” team

But, it was a massive weekend for Nukeproof: 2 Athletes in the top ten of the Worlds elite Enduro competition, the team manager on the podium, a Junior top ten, Nukeproof boss in the top ten in Masters and the CRC-Paypal team finishing 2nd overall in the event on their 2016 Mega’s.


Welcome to Enduro; Sam Hill Style #MylifeMyway

Sam Hill racing his way to 2nd overall in the elite field may be a surprise to some, but this is a result down to his hard work over the winter training and is now fitter and stronger than ever. His new Mega 275 was running flawlessly all day “despite” riding flats (His Signature Horizon Pro’s), no goggles, a trail lid, a full Mavic hydration pack and training for Downhill sprints rather than a 6hr epic.


Stoked for you and the team- simply awesome

Not to be out shone, Joe “Joduro” Smith smashed some amazing times on his Mega 275 to finish an amazing 9th overall and scored an amazing 2nd place on the final stage of the day to the World Series Champion and Series overall leader Richie Rude.  Again, Joe is a flat pedal rider on our new Horizon Pro Pedals

2016-Ireland-Saturday Practice-1665

Full “Joduro” Mode

Nigel Page even decided last minuite to race- Pager has been out injured with a knee injury since the start of the year, but he built up a new Mega 290 to pilot to a highly credible 3rd in Masters. (spot the theme) Pager also is a maestro on the flat pedals (Sam Hill Signature Horizon Pedals). Mike Jones, took a strong result too in 28th considering his love for a good long pedal- the winter months with Sam in Australia have paid off and Majestic actually started to enjoy “enduro-ing” – but is still a downhiller at heart…

Strong result for Mike too 

Team Junior- Elliot Heap again broke the top 10 in a strong field despite a few tree hugging moments. A strong result to give him confidence with Fort William World Cup around the corner.


From start to finish the whole Nukeproof team had an amazing week in Ireland. As well as the CRC-Paypal team we had a full compliment of Enduro Athletes. Matti Lehikoinen was looking to kick off his season with a respectable 34th.

2016-Ireland-Saturday Practice-1652

It was amazing to see so many Nukeproof riders make it to the race. Chris Hutchins for WideOpenMag.com 37th, Enduro Magazines Stuart Wilcox riding his Mega 290 pro to 54th (with a Puncture), Chris “coach” Kilmurray finished 86th on his Mega 275. Nukeproof Development rider Kelan Grant finished in 90th, 4 punctures put pay to the overall, but posted some strong stage results on his Mega 290. Nukeproof head man Michael Cowan also finished a huge 9th in Masters.

Special mention must go to the sad news that we lost a friend last week. A former team mate, a friend and a Champion, Steve Smith will be missed and thoughts go out from us all at Nukeproof to the his friends and family. In honour of him the team created and wore stickers that they all rode with pride for Steve #RIPChainsaw


This ride is for you- on Sam Hill’s Mega 


Matti Lehikoinen- Team mate with Stevie at MS Evil 

Photo Credit: Duncan Philpott







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