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Monday, February 22nd, 2016

“Getting to know you….” 

We are really proud to have a great selection of retailers around the world. We will be running this feature through the year with a series of retailer partners from all around the world, to help give you an insight to what makes them worth a visit.

“The Trailhead” 

First up, The Trailhead. Set in the the beautiful historic town of Shrewsbury, England. With the trails of the Shropshire hills and Wales on the shop doorstep, the shop is in a town with a buzzing mountain biking community.


We spoke to the business owner Sandy Plenty, to find out more about The Trailhead? : 

“The Trailhead Bicycle Co. is a small shop in Frankwell, Shrewsbury run by enthusiasts. We all love bikes and love talking bikes. We are big on our customer service values.  We try to be friendly & helpful offering a wide range of knowledge. Our goal is to continue to grow and support the local riding community.”

What’s the local mountain bike Scene like in the Shropshire area?: 

“Being based in Shrewsbury we are so lucky that within 30/45 minutes you have so many ‘mega’ riding spots such as Eastridge, Longmynd, Hopton, Bringewood & Llandegla.  The scene is strong with so many pro riders choosing to settle in Shropshire. At The Trailhead we run a MTB shop ride every other Tuesday, aimed at the intermediate rider. We try and encourage people into riding rather than scare them off.”

TRAILHEAD BBQ 2Well supported Tuesday night shop rides take in the awesome local trails

How have you seen the trade change and evolve in the past few years and what is looking like the must have products for 2016?: 

“Our staff are always learning, suspension is changing constantly. Both our shop & workshop staff have to adapt to these changes. On a serious note I can see the full suspension 29er making a strong come back.  I also think that the local bike shop will stand strong against the direct bikes/ internet sellers due to the complexity of the modern bike, and all the set up help and service you get from shopping in store”.

What made you choose to stock Nukeproof in your store and what are you looking forward to from the 2016 line up?

“Nukeproof for us is quality at an affordable price. They are proactive rather than reactive. I honestly feel that in many areas Nukeproof are leading the way. The new Mega 290 and 27.5 bikes are light and pleasing to the eye. The whole range of pedals have always been a key seller for us”.

IMG_4444From kids bikes to custom builds (and a new Mega!)

So, you all ride, what bikes are you on at the moment?

” A mix, what’s the equation? N+ 1? The staff mix it up between all the brands we stock: Cube, Mondraker, Santa Cruz, Orange & Nukeproof. But as I said, expect to see more and more 29er’s back on the trails. Our staff see the benefits of both, and ride both”.


“We also have a race team to help support our local riders. This year we pleased to have welcomed the likes of local legend and world cup racer, Gazzy B to represent us”.

GAZZA BGazzy B joins the team this year, here chilling in the workshop

So big question, what’s the staff choice of brew?

“Any real ale! Sorry I mean Coffee. We like the Chris King Machinist brew, but the reality is whatever Coop have on offer”

IMG_0920Home Brew Trail Ale…

Any final remarks? 

“Ride your bike, help dig trails and feel free to visit us next time you pass Shrewsbury”.

The Trailhead details:

20 Frankwell

01743 537124



Mon – Sat9:00 am – 6:00 pm

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