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Thursday, July 14th, 2016

“Getting to know….”  

We are really proud to have a great selection of retailers around the world. We will be running this feature through the year with a series of retailer partners from all around the world, to help give you an insight to what makes them unique. We headed to the North East, Newcastle to speak with Start Cycles.

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So, tell us about Start Cycles?: 

“Start Cycles is part of the Start Group which includes the nationally renowned Start Fitness that started in 1998. The Cycles shop is run by cyclists who ride all types of bikes, from high end TT setups to the latest Boost equipped enduro 29ers. We all love bikes and enjoy being a part of the local scene.

We’re a good option for consumers for various reasons, our 30,000 sq ft Newcastle shop is located in the centre of the city with retail space covering two floors with a further 3 floors for warehousing. Customers want to see and try bikes and accessories before buying them, in order to meet these expectations, we carry an impressive range with good depth – more than most bike shops in the country. We only list products on the site that we have in stock, we don’t use supplier feeds to create an illusion of carrying stock that we don’t actually have.”

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Whats changed in store for 2016 and are there any key trends?

“We’ve seen general growth that has led to us using more space in the building, other than that – the MTB area has seen the biggest evolution. We stock MTBs from: Nukeproof, Santa Cruz, Orange, Yeti, Ibis, Scott, Cannondale, Ragley, Lapierre, Intense and Merida. Each of these brands enjoys a solid representation on the shop floor. Each new customer who sees our MTB display is generally blown away by the range that we have on the shop floor!”

“Carbon wheels are very popular at the moment, it seems to be the big upgrade once you already have a dialled bike. We’re seeing more people opening up to 29ers as the big manufacturers have managed to get the geometry and handling better than the early big wheelers. We’re still seeing most people stick with 27.5, but we are seeing an increase in demand for 29ers thanks to bikes like the Mega 290 hitting the sweet spot in terms of geometry. The MTB guys in the shop are riding a mix of 27.5 and 29ers.”

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Custom wheel builds and repairs care of Graham

What is the local Scene like for mountain bikers?

“The North East has a really strong MTB scene covering a wide range of MTB disciplines, there are various groups partaking in weekly XC rides around their local woods. There’s also the more gravity oriented crowd who enjoy the enduro and downill scene, popular areas for some good trail riding include: Beamish, Chopwell, Hamsterley Forest and Thrunton Woods. Newcastle is only a couple of hours from the Scottish Borders or the Lake District, these are great options for local riders willing to take a drive for a full day out. We have recently run a demo day with Nukeproof at Hamsterly Forest.

There are some really good local riders from the North East, Danny Hart’s from Redcar which is not far from Newcastle. Scott Mears and James Purvis are WC regulars from our area. We also have young James Elliot who won round 1 of the SDA, round 1 & 3 of the BDS and the recent Scottish Champs in the juvenile class!”

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Chris keeps a fully stocked workshop to set your bike up and keep it running

Nukeproof in store:

“We are really happy to be doing Nukeproof! It’s a brand that offers great products, bikes designed for riders and their needs. The value for money is certainly a key selling point, with Nukeproof we’re able to offer Pro level performance at ‘internet’ prices with ‘in-store’ service. The Mega range of bikes caused a lot of excitement and so we invested heavily to make sure we had enough stock to meet the demand of our in-store and online customers.”1-69 (2) (3)

Great choice of Nukeproof bikes and components in store


What are you Staff current bike choices?

“Brad Dobbing just got his hands on a Yeti SB5.5c 29er, after riding 27.5 for a few years. Brad Illingworth is on a 27.5 wheel  Bronson. Our mechanic Graham Fawcett rides a Scott Scale 29er xc rig. The rest of the guys are roadies.”

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Brad and Brad out on their weapons of choice


Address: 35-37 Market St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 6JE



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