Horizon V2 Wheels- The Edit

Friday, August 7th, 2020

Horizon V2 Wheels- New Edit

Recently (since march- time has stood a little still) we launched the new V2 Horizon wheels. Like with any launch we were keen to get out and shoot some photos and video, but the time wasn’t right.

But in recent weeks we’ve slowly emerge from a summer of hibernation, the hills of Wales have been reopened to riders.

Our destination of choice was One Giant Leap, where we had heard rumours Farmer Martin and his team had been busy building a new downhill track on the hallowed hillsides of Llangollen (Some mighty fine corner- worth a trip for sure!).

The test Guinee pigs for the day were Ant Hale and Lil’ Robbo to push the wheels to try push the wheels to their limit. (no wheels were harmed in the making of this edit- or incredibly since!)

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Photos: Laurence CE

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