Neutron & Horizon Wheel Maintenance

Wednesday, June 10th, 2020

“Neutron & Horizon Wheel Maintenance”

With the launch of the latest Neutron & Horizon wheels, we wanted to keep maintenance to a minimum. But every so often you will need to give your Hub some TLC (if you have any worry please take it to an authorised dealer).  

Nukeproof Neutron / Horizon V2 Hub Strip procedure

Tools required:

Follow the below instructions to strip then in reverse to rebuild. We only recommend this for confident mechanically minded riders- if in doubt please visit a friendly local bike shop. 

  1. Pull off driveside end cap

  2. Pull off nondriveside end cap
  3. Pull off freehub turning the freehub anti clockwise as you pull
  4. Take bushing off the axle (it may be in the back of the freehub)
  5. Remove seals from hub shell driveside and non driveside using a flat head screwdriver to lever under the seal
  6. Put your hub over the hub support nondrive side down. Carefully hit the end of the axle to remove the non driveside bearing.
  7. When the bearing has been removed from the non driveside, the axle will pull out of the hub so it can now be removed.
  8. Turn the hub over so it is now driveside down. Using a bearing punch, hit the driveside bearing out from the back. After each hit, move position on the bearing for the next hit so it comes out evenly.
  9. Get your freehub and remove seal from outside bearing using a flat head screwdriver.
  10. Put the freehub driveside down on your hub support and use your finger to push the spacer to the side to make the bearing visible. If the spacer doesn’t move, hit the back bearing with the bearing punch which should allow the spacer to move.

Using your bearing punch hit the driveside bearing out from the back.

  1. Remove the spacer from the freehub.
  2. The last bearing is held in place by a circlip, use internal circlip pliers with 1.3mm tips to get the circlip out.
  3. Using your bearing punch, hit the last bearing out of the freehub. Again this bearing should be hit in various places to ensure it comes out straight.
  4. Remove the plastic cap from the rear of the freehub using a thin flat head screwdriver.
  5. Remove the pawls using the flat headscrew driver.
  6. Remove the springs using the flat head screwdriver.
  7. The hub is now fully stripped.

Rebuilding the hub should be completed in reverse order using a bearing press with correct sized bearing adaptors

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