Inca Avalanche, Peru

Thursday, May 28th, 2015

“Unique Experience”

Luana Oliveria hails from Sao Paulo, Brazil. She is an elite level racer in Downhill and BMX, with various national and international titles to her name. Her passion for Mountain biking takes her beyond the racing though and allows her to explore the different cultures through the world.  Luana’s trip to Peru was more than just a bike race on her Nukeproof Mega TR, it allowed her to take in some amazing natural history, experience the privilege of meeting the local people. Watch Luana’s video here: INCA AVALANCHE

Here is Luana’s view on her week at the Inca Avalanche:

Great week riding a bike and exploring the surroundings of Ollantaytambo, located an hour and a half of Machu Picchu, Peru. A journey that is for sure it will stay in my memory, it was amazing.scenery

I stayed in a small village where everything and everyone is very simple, living in surroundings of beautiful mountains and impressing all tourists with the unique culture they have, some people living in the mountains and conserving a lot the Inca culture.

Every person I met I had a lot of admiration and inspiration, the smile on them face showed up how happiness just depends on how we deal with conflicts and not necessarily of our situation.

with people

Along the rides I had the great opportunity to deliver a solar system for a school that sits atop in the mountain, where children have to walk around two hours so they can study. And we also had the privilege of having lunch with a community, where we were treated with great care and served with a delicious typical food of them.

Having that direct contact with the people was something very significant and to reach them by bike it makes this fact even more important.

In the weekend it was time to race with more than 10000ft high and almost 30 minutes of descent, the track consisted of all type of terrain and required a lot of preparation. The qualify was on Saturday and when we arrived at the top of the mountain we were surprised to see it all covered with snow. For the first time I rode in the snow and a low temperature like that, which makes it very slippery and most exciting circuit alongside with more than 200 people for the same goal. 

hike up

I was happy with my performance and I managed to rank among the top 25 overall and won the Pro Women category.

Already on Sunday was a day of finals, I started very well until the middle of the circuit that was when I had my rear tire flat. I knew that there would no longer have many chances to keep the place because the track was very long, but still persisted and without the rear tire kept following to finish the race, I finished 4th in my category.

We finish with jumps session in the city center, very fun time I had the honor to participate with Mitch Chubey and Nico Concha.

In general I am really happy with the week. It was a trip of great overshoot the limits, self-awareness, compassion, respect, love and learning.

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