International Women’s Day

Friday, March 8th, 2019

“Just Ride…”

Like most things in Nukeproof, our marketing master plan is structured to be un-structured. Run with the eb’s and flow of the ever changing face of mountain biking and just inspire riders to enjoy riding bikes more.  

With the exception of the new clothing line, we have never aimed to created female specific product, but then in all honesty, we never created male specific product. We’ve just hoped our products will appeals to Nukeproof fans of either gender, whatever your background. 

Our bike- designed for a man or a woman? 

As such we have not really had a specific drive to choose female athletes to appeal to the “female market” (or males either). Our aim has always been to seek out and support and partner with the best riders, who speak and inspire our riders. The common theme in all our ambassadors and riders: their attitude. 

Sam Hill- An inspiration to any rider? 

More recently it’s been awesome to see more and more riders from all sorts of various demographic in the sport. Men, Women and youthful rippers are all now a common sight on the trails, which can only be health for our sport/ hobby in the future. 

To help celebrate ‘International Women’s day’ we reached out to 3 of our female athletes to tell us about their experience and inspiration for riding. 


Sandra Rübesam aka Thundercat is a twice German national downhill champion. We have supported Sandra for 3 years now, represented the brand mainly in Europe at IXS and World Cups. But also being selected for the German National team at Downhill World Championships and the occasional Enduro World Series (for a bit of fun!).  Sandra represents Nukeproof with frames, components and also our new Nukeproof Ridewear range. 

From Sandra on why she rides:  

“I ride for many reasons. If I go road cycling, I mainly do that for the reason of training in the context of downhill racing. But I really enjoy to hang out with friends on ride outs or weekends in the bike park doing downhill laps together. I like the fact that you can be active and do something for your health,  hanging out with friends and having fun simultaneously.”

Racing is important thing for me, I love the competition. So many of my best moments have come from the feeling of good results. I can’t forget the moment when I won my first national title or the achievement of a top 10 in the Downhill World Cup. A couple of years ago I’m super proud of finishing in the top 10 at the Enduro World Series in Ireland and the following weekend repeating that in the Downhill World Cup at Fort William.

My main drive for my riding is to always try and improve. Plus, Mountain biking has also given me chance to travel all over Europe and the world, but I love riding in Morzine, France and on the amazing Champèry track in Switzerland. 

If i could give any advice to riders its just to enjoy it with your mates and than encourage each other. Just do what feels good for you.”

Follow Sandra’s year here  Instagram  or Facebook

New to the team in 2019 will be 21 year old 4x World Championship silver medallist and multiple British champion Natasha Bradley.  She’s really new to the Nukeproof team (literally… we have just agreed to support her for 2019). Natasha will be ridding a Mega 275 Pro and a Custom Scout, plus is riding in the new Nukeproof Ride Wear (photos coming soon!).

From Natasha: 

“I’m from Torquay and I ride mountain bikes! I’ve been riding since I can remember (about the age of 7) and racing since the age of 11. I started racing BMX nationally and internationally up until the age of 16. In a young persons life that’s a long time and I decided I wanted to try something new and 4x always seemed really cool.

I raced my first season back in 2015 and have competed in the Four Cross series every year since. Alongside this I’ve been racing some downhills, enduro’s and tried a little bit of XC, which I wasn’t too fond of (I’m not a fan of pedalling uphill to all who know me).  I am now currently in my final year of uni studying a Sports Coaching course in London and awaiting the start of this years race season, which I’m planning on racing as much as possible.

Why I ride… because I love it, it has provided me with amazing opportunities and I’ve made friendships and memories that will last me a lifetime. I also enjoy staying fit, training on and off the bike constantly pushing my limits, with the ultimate goal of becoming world champion!

I’ve had so many amazing experiances from riding and racing. Last summer I went to Morzine for a riding holiday with friends and it was incredible, Le Plenny black run is one the most insane runs I’ve ever done and it’s so fun! In racing, last years Four-cross World champs were definitely one of the best experiences of my life. The Val Di Sol track was so mint, the crowd was massive and my result was a hugely proud achievement, silver medal.

I’m luck to have ridden in a few places, my favourite is a tough one, there’s a few trails in Morzine,  Bike Park Wales and of course, my home trails, Scadson bike park I love.

Since riding I’ve always looked up to Rachel Atherton. She’s an iconic athlete and an inspiration to all female riders, showing that women can shred bikes.

Riding is just fun! It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, or what ability you are, if you want to go out and ride your bike, then do it! As long as you enjoy it then that’s the main thing!”

Follow Natasha’s adventures here on Facebook  Or here for her on Instagram 

Lastly (but certainly not least) we have Meg Whyte on board for 2019 racing the UK Enduro and Downhill Championships. We’re stoked to support Meg, she’s fast and a super positive rider on the riding scene. Hailing from the mean streets of Oswestry, Shropshire. Between riding bikes and climbing she works for Alf Jones Cycles as their social media guru.

From Meg:

I have been racing for 4 years now, I compete in Downhill and Enduro throughout the UK. Sounds cliche but I ride for fun. If it’s not fun anymore it’s time to stop.

I started racing downhill when I lived in Morzine a few years back, this proved to be a steep learning curve but rewarding as my confidence and ability on a bike grew fast…. maybe a bit too fast with some nasty scars to show for it. Lenzerheide IXS 2015 was one of my most memorable races, I came 5th against some good competition and realised from there I loved racing and had potential to do well.

Favourite place I have ridden has got to be Finale. Me and Adam went there last summer for 2 weeks and loved everything about it. I’m a sucker for sun and rocky trails so was totally in my element. My Nonna was Italian too so I felt somewhat at home with the crazy culture and Italian way of life.

Who inspires me to ride? My boyfriend, Adam Brayton. You may of heard of him, he’s quite a big deal. He’s always full of energy and wants to ride, that encourages me to get out of bed on my day off and go shred.

Mountain biking forces you to push your limits, step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. Embrace this! When you face the trail, set goals for yourself and celebrate when you achieve them. And most importantly have fun!

Keep up to date with Meg Here 

We are also stoked to support wild youthful racer Katie Purvis with our ridewear and components for 2019, as she races the British National Downhill Series. Check up on Katie here 

We’re stoked on our athlete team and hopefully they will inspire the next generation of riders from whatever the background to try out/ pick up/ dust off their bike and just get out and enjoy the ride.

#redefineyourlimit #itsanattitude 

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