Introducing: Chris McGlinchey

Monday, July 27th, 2015

“Irish Nukeproof Development team racer”

2015 Factory Nukeproof-1337

Chris McGlinchey, is our multi talented Development team captain. Chris is an experienced racer and has competed on both the international and Irish National Mountain Bike Scene. This year the Belfast local has successfully made an impact on the dark side, in road racing, whilst still remaining at the top on both the DH and Enduro race scene scene.  He’s been winning on the Irish Enduro scene this year and recently finished 3rd in the Irish National Championship race. We caught up with a look at this year and also for the future.

Kipper 1

Chris has won in both Enduro and Downhill


Christopher McGlinchey, although most people know me as kipper.


Technical Trainer, CS Department Chain Reaction Cycles. Chris has recently finished a CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) course – Certificate in Professional Marketing (Digital Marketing)

Who are your hero’s/ who do you look up to?  

A couple of my favorite DH riders growing up were always Steve Pete and Sam Hill, both completely different style of riders but both legends in their own right. I have also always looked up to Travis Pastrana just for how crazy he is and how he started out as a racer and then became the most dominant FMX rider ever. Watching this year’s Tour de France another rider I admire would be Peter Sagan, his bike handling skills are amazing and he always seems to be able to get in the right position at the right time.

What would you do when your not riding your bike ? 

When I’m not working or riding my bike I’m usually sleeping haha! On a serious note outside of cycling I quite enjoy playing rugby, I used to play back in school and also played a few matches this winter before the season kicked off. I had to give it up in school as injuries got in the way of cycling however it was fun to play a few matches again over the winter.

Kipper, testing an early 2016 Pulse in Carlingford’s IDMS race

What was your first bike?

I think the first bike I can remember having was a Saracen with Zoom forks that I had bought out of Halfords. I remember getting it for Christmas and being excited to have a go on it and then trying to do the standard “bounce test”  and the forks barley moving at all… I suppose you get what you pay for haha!

How you got into racing bikes?

I got into racing from my older brother, he got me into mountain biking and we would always head up to Cavehill after school and just ride our bikes until dark. We then both got into racing and were hooked ever since. However without my Mum we wouldn’t have been able to get to any of the races so a big shout out has to go to her for karting us about for so many years until we learnt how to drive ourselves! 

What they get out of racing with the Nukeproof Development Team?

The Nukeproof Development Team has been great this year, it has been amazing to see both Jack and Kelan do so well with the support from all of the guys at Nukeproof. For me being a part of the team and helping the guys develop while getting the support to race myself has been great. The team definitely has everything you need to improve as a rider and also as a person and how you approach racing and training.

What is your dream/aspirations ?

Obviously the dream would be to ride a bike for a living weather that be a mtb or a road bike as long as I am enjoying myself. However from a working point of view I would like to get into a job in marketing and build a career out of that, earning enough to still be able to race my bike at a high level.

Describe a typical week in your life?

Typical week for me would be working 8-4.30pm Monday to Friday and then trying to fit my training in around this. At the weekends I would generally be racing, training or spending time with my girlfriend Carly J

Ultimate bike build?

Ultimate bike build would be the new 2016 Pulse, that bike is incredible, it is so silent and carries speed like nothing I have ever ridden before. One to put on the Christmas list for sure!

Something we may not know about ?

I got the nickname Kipper from a children’s book called Biff, Chip and the Magic Key.

Most embarrassing story ?

When I broke my back in France racing at the World Cup I was in hospital for around 6 days unable to move. Having to get someone to wash you and wipe your ar5e is quite embarrassing !!

What are your Plans for next season?

Next year I am deciding to take a bit of a discipline switch and going to invest most of my time and training into road cycling. As a part of my enduro training this season I had done quite a bit of road cycling and decided to do a few races while I was at it. I was quite surprised at how much I enjoyed it and I also had some great results while I was at it, moving from A4 to A1 in one season and representing the Irish Team in the Tour of Ulster something I certainly didn’t expect when starting out.

As for goals next season I will be aiming to focus on doing well in the big stage races, so the Tour of the North, Tour of Ulster and my main focus will be the An Post Ras. Along with that I will be looking at targeting the National Road Series, I had finished 4th in one of the rounds this season so know I can mix it up with the best domestic riders in Ireland.

Thanks to all the teams supporters, Nukeproof, Sram, Schwalbe, Bell, 100%, Mucky Nutz  

2015 Factory Nukeproof-2067






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