Introducing: Jack Crowley

Thursday, July 16th, 2015

“Irish Nukeproof Development team racer”



Jack Crowley, Our team member for Lismore, Waterford in Ireland. Jack is in first year Junior category and has been racing both Nukeproof IDMS and British Downhill Series (BDS) races as well as donning the Irish Jersey to represent at the World Cup in Fort William. Jacks had a great year so far, winning in Ireland and getting some top results in the BDS series against a stacked field of rapid Juniors.  we caught up with a look at this year and also for the future.


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Plans and goals for next season-

I would love to race in elites for the Irish champs because it would challenge me a lot more and I’d like to get on the podium and win a few races. I’d like to get some top 5 results in Britain and to get some top results in juniors for the world cups when possible. My focus is going to be Downhill, I really want to step up my training and get some more ride time to ensure i’m ready to compete with the best. It’s my last year in school with exams so I need to focus on that, but I really to race all the rounds possible.

Who do you look up too: 

The people I look up to would probably be Steve smith because he just has the best riding I’ve ever seen and off the bike would have to be the UFC fighter Conor McGregor because he doesn’t back down from anything.

What do you do when your not riding?

Usually when I’m not on my bike I’m on the computer looking up mtb videos and how there made, I’m big into filming and editing videos or else I’m outside by kind be jumps in the back of the garden.

How did you get in to Mountain Bikes? 

I got into racing because of my dad, he raced motocross for years and my brother and I were brought up on bikes so if it wasn’t and mountain bike it was going to be a motocross bike. But dad was looking at and MX website and saw an advertisement for a DH race so we went to the race and I got hooked on it.

Hows it been on the Nukeproof Development team this year?

It was a big thing for me to get on the development team because it was the first proper team and It was kinda cool that you had so much support at the races and outside of them it was just brilliant.

Whats the ultimate goal? 

I’d love to be on on a Downhill team racing and riding for a living, travelling around the world to all the world cups.


Whats your typical week? 

A typical week for me would be going to school in the morning until 3:30 get home put on the kettle and do my homework then go for a XC spin and I normally do that for most of the week then I have work on Saturday and then Sunday I get out on the big rig. I love getting out on the DH bike on Sunday.

Ultimate bike build?

I think the new ’16 pulse fits the bill in my eyes and stick with the Mavic Deemax wheels.

Whats something we don’t know about you? 

Something you may not know about me – am there’s not much really to be honest, am I have dirt jumps in my back garden.

What tv star am I most like?

I don’t know really maybe Parker Schnabel from gold rush because he is very out going and doesn’t mind take big risk as long as there’s a big reward and I’d like to think I’m like that.

Most embarrassing story ?

haha I think I have many to get into.

Thanks to all the teams supporters, Nukeproof, Sram, Schwalbe, Bell, 100%, Mucky Nutz  








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