Introducing: Kelan Grant

Wednesday, July 15th, 2015

“Irish Nukeproof Development team racer”


Kelan Grant, simply put is a awesome character to have around the pits. Hailing from Omagh, Northern Ireland, but now living and studying Product design in Belfast. Kelan has been racing with us this year as part of our development team program for young riders in Ireland. He’s had some great results this year, an amazing 29th at the Irish EWS, as well as winning in both Irish enduro and Downhill races and was leading the Nukeproof IDMS until an injury last time out. He’s hoping tobe back fully fit for this weekends Irish Downhill Champs.  We caught up with Kelan to have a look on this year and his plans for the future.


Plans and goals for next year?  

I would love to try get to as many overseas enduro races as possible to gain as much experience in this game as possible. I have a lot of goals for the start of every season but can’t always fulfill them dew to money. I’m a full time student my student loan only covers so much and having a full time job isn’t possible through the season if I’m wanting to race and study. I don’t see why a top 10 at an EWS round would be impossible. I plan for next winter to be a real session I have good people and a good environment around me so there no reason why getting noticed on the EWS circuit is possible.

What your MTB focus will be on (DH/Enduro) / where you would like to be in 1/3/5 years time?

I think I can make a better path for myself racing enduro. I have more strengths in this side of the sport. My luck with DH just hasn’t went my way at all. I know what i can do it just never seems to go my way. I’ll always have a place for Irish DH and supporting local DH Races. As much as id like to do both its just not feasible for myself. Its my final year at uni this year so i think a full EWS circuit may have to wait until after University is over. In the next few years I’d like to be somewhere like Greg Callaghan or Mark Scott. Traveling as a privateer for a year and really see what sort of results I can get against the big guys.  Although a big team traveling like kings is the dream, but you need to work hard towards that its not just going to land at your feet.

How you plan to achieve this?

Training I have a fair idea how to condition myself for racing and prepping myself. I will be living with two Belgium graduates next year there great to train with. Chris Kilmurrys enduro Booklet was very helpful! Cant wait to get back into the groove of things when I’m injury free. My parents are always keen to see me progress and race bigger races and help me try make it in the sport.

What’s your ideal dream program would be?

Travelling around the world with team mates that are just as game as me to ride there bikes and progress in the sport to make something out of themselves.  Getting results and just having a laugh. I love to take bikes and racing seriously but you always have to remember why you started. But basically ravaging the world riding and racing bikes is the Ideal dream for me.

Kelan 2

Who are your hero’s/ who do you look up to?

Having raced downhill all my biking life of course the likes of Steve Peat, Greg Minnar and Sam hill all the icons of the sport are inspirational for reaching goals and just general wanting to shred my bike. But to be honest my inspiration come from my friends. Some of my friends are big into there road racing and are looking to make a career out of it. Just watching Angus Fyffe and Marc Pottz work hard towards this and winning races makes me hungry to make it as a career myself.

What would you do when your not riding your bike? 

If I’m not training or riding bikes I’m hanging with my buddies. We all enjoy the crack so it doesn’t take much to make us happy. There has to be another side outside of racing and training where you can kick back and have fun and get up to a bit of badness otherwise you won’t enjoy doing what you love. Bikes and Banter is what i try to stick to.

What was your first bike? 

First Mountain bike, me and my bro both chipped in on a diamond back hardtail that we shared for nearly a year. The weekend was what we looked forward too, loads of lads digging trails messing around and riding bikes. Such good times when it all started

How you got into racing bikes?

I come from a big outdoor family every weekend for us was either climbing some mountain or canoeing a ridicules length because Dad thought it was a good idea. So after me and my brother purchased are first bike staying out in stinker wet and muddy forests was like a second home to us. I didn’t start racing until i was a bit older but when i started i was hooked.

How it been with the team this year? 

The whole Nukeproof Setup is just great. Chris and Jack are both flat out on there bikes and really sound lads. Its great to be able to ride with them and learn new things. Ali and Rob are great guys to be surrounded by. They put so much work into making Nukeproof the brand it is today and still have all the time in the world to help us weather it be bikes training racing or just being great crack around the pits.

Kelan 2

What is your dream/aspirations?

Id like to ride bikes for a living end off. Its a huge ask but it would be sick. After university is finished i just can’t see myself going straight into the big bad world of full time work. So getting fast on a bike and winning races sounds a lot better to me.


Dream bike build?

Sounds cheesy but i haven’t had a bike ride like my Nukeproof Mega AM does so to be honest my Mega with a few Carbon Goodies is probably my dream bike. Power meter on it would be nice tho.

Something we may not know about ?

For me being such an adrenalin junky i used to play of a 10 handicap in Golf…. Then i got some wheels. Also, when I’m out i get compared to Jonny Bravo a lot.




Thanks to all the teams supporters, Nukeproof, Sram, Schwalbe, Bell, 100%, Mucky Nutz  








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