Mega TR Comp – What Mountain Bike Test WINNER

Monday, February 16th, 2015

“Efficient, stiff and chaos capable short travel trail terrorist”


Pitched in a 3 way battle against the UK Designed “short travel” slayers from Whyte and Orange, the Nukeproof Mega TR Comp came up trumps with a “Test Winner” award from the team at What Mountain Bike. “Short Travel, big attitude!”

The test was aimed at UK designed bikes between £2299-£2500, and with a travel of 130mm.

“Not the best here on paper, but a powerful, stiff, limit pushing hooligan that’s efficient and enjoyable all day.”

“The TR Comp could hit cleaner, more combative lines”

Notable mention goes to its stability and grip, inspiring confidence in the roughest of trail giving the rider the security to push entry and exit speeds up a notch to set it 1 step higher than the competition.

For more information on the Mega TR Comp, click here:

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