Mega’s at the Mega- Nukeproof Staff edition

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

“Nukeproof at the Mega- Staff edition”     

Out of office turned on, lights switched off and bikes and bags packed.

A few weeks ago the Nukeproof office took a trip to the infamous Megavalanche in the beautiful French Alpine resort of Alpe D’Huez. With the recent release of the Mega 275 and 290, what better time to re visit Pic Blanc? The place where the Mega story was conceived.

It wasn’t just a trip to race the event, we had a work brief; numerous photo shoots (taking in the stunning alpine backdrop) and testing/ development was the main reason for the trip. We wanted to utilise the long alpine trails and rough terrain to test some future developments. Mix in some media commitments and the added pleasure of meeting up with some Nukeproof customers, that fully justified this as a “work trip”.

We had some welcome additions to the Nukeproof team; Matti Lehikoinen, Downhill legend, current EWS racer and also our longest serving athlete, Kelan Grant; a young Irish upstart who has been making waves on the Irish gravity scene. And to document the trip, Laurence Crossman-Emms; skilled camera wizard and shredder of the finest order with a full camera bag.

So to make this look like “real” work we thought you may like to see what equipment we all ride (most of the time):


Matti on his custom painted ” Jarno Saarinen” Mega 275 (Further story coming soon) 

Matti finished 11th overall (Main Race)


Kelan Grant’s Mega 290: Pro Spec bike 

Kelan finished 58th (Main race)


Laurence Crossman-Emms, Custom Built Mega 275

Laurence finished 155th (Main Race- his first ever race) 


Ali Beckett; Nukeproof brand manager’s Mega 290 Team (2nd time at the Mega) 

Ali finished 205th (Main race) 


Rob Sherratt- Nukeproof Global Marketing Manager’s Mega 290 Team, including:

Rob finished 313th (Main Race) 


Office manager Ian McIntyre custom Mega 275 “Race” frame  

Ian finished 171st (Mega Challenger) 


Dale McMullan; Nukeproof engineer, Mega 290 team  

Dale finished 8th (Mega Amateur) 

Thank you to all the people we met, we hope this can be the start of the yearly pilgrimage to Alpe D’Huez to meet up with Nukeproof riders.

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