More wind & rain at the Nissan Cup

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

After last time in GlenCoe with 120mph winds and hail, mum said she was not coming racing again!! So after checking the weather… she decided to join us again!!

After last time in GlenCoe with 120mph winds and hail, mum said she was not coming racing again!! So after checking the weather… heavy rain only on friday night and the rest of the weekend cloudy and sunny – she decided to join us again!!

So, as usual, we got the camper ready and headed off to the 3rd round of the Nissan European Cup in La Bresse, France – arriving late Thursday night. Maxxis Rocky Mountain riders Ruaridh Cunningham and Mark Scott joined us for the trip… also as usual, i slept the whole way!!

I was pretty stoked to find our pits  – with our name on – opposite the legendary Cedric Gracia and right next to the finish line… so more sleep, up ealry Friday and everything was sorted by 9.00am! Mum and Dad made the most of the weather and took an XC ride into town – 9 miles downhill there only took them about 15 mins… it was the 50 mins uphill back that almost killed them!!!

The track wasn’t in the same place as where the WC was held, it was in the actual ski resort rather than the town.

I walked the track Friday morning and it seemed of quite short – signed on at 12, and went out for a few runs… it was short, but real fun. It was out in the open a lot, fast with a few technical sections that weren’t that easy. The weather was pretty good Friday considering what was about to happen – we even found time to go on the luge track after practise.


Then the rain came and did it come…. it rained all Friday night – not only the rain but wind too, it was really windy through the night. There was only us and a couple of others with their awnings still up on the Saturday morning, we looked out the camper window and there was broken awnings everywhere – Cedric lost his too!

We had training all day Saturday and I spent a lot of time in the morning looking at what lines i would take. The track was way more fun to ride now and the more it rained the more fun it became plus during Saturday, it was not that slippery!


The forecast was wrong as it rained all night Saturday too, changing the track a lot. I decided to go up for a quick run before my qualifying. It was pouring down, but I was loving it. It was tough to get down to the bottom, probably impossible to keep your foot on the pedals!

My qualifying run was at 11.20am… I knew is that if i stayed on my bike and let it roll my time would be good. Kaos came up the lift with me so he could take my ‘Nissan puncho’ back down again – we got there bang on time… no waiting, I was off and into my run.


Trying to get down it in one piece was so much fun! The track was now pretty slippery and I was really enjoying it – I came down with a massive grin on my face, and a time of 2 mins 45 secs. I was in the Women Open category by myself and there was only one other Elite woman there – I had the fastest female time but my time put me 7th fastest in the mens Open category out of about 50 riders!

After lunch and a little snooze i headed back up, for my race run.

It was still raining a little and it was very cold at the top, I wanted to get down in a hurry! To be honest, my race run was awful – Top to bottom. The only good sections was where I had chance to put some strength down and pedal and although it was bad… I did feel fast! The track had changed so much, there were ditches all over the place and lines had been washed out. I was a bit offline coming in to a steep section my front wheel slipped and I went flying into the netting! It took me a while to untangle my foot. I was quite annoyed crossing the line with something around 2min 52secs – I knew I could have gone so much faster. I still won my catagory(!) and took the fastest female time of the day. I was really disappointed the other girls had not turned up as they were expecting a few elite world cup women.

My Intense M9 was working perfectly all weekend… from Marzocchi suspension to Hope brakes, Nukeproof parts and Shimano gearing – Dad spent a lot of time out in the cold making it good for me… I also really appreciated all my Fox Head gear this weekend as I had a clean dry kit nearly every run – that was great.

It was a fun weekend in the wet, bit gutted about my time – pretty sure Mum will not come to the next one unless we are guaranteed perfect sunshine!

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