New Sam Hill Signature Stem

Friday, September 19th, 2014

Sam Hill is one of the most critical riders when it comes to cockpit set up, demanding only the best products to allow him to achieve the perfect cockpit set up. After racing all year on his very own signature saddle and handle bar, Sam required a new stem that was Lighter, Stiffer and slightly shorter in order to help him reach that perfect riding position.

The new Sam Hill Signature Direct stem features a 2 piece design to maximise stiffness and alignment, it is secured to your fork crown using 6 stainless bolts for added security and secures your handlebars at a length of 40mm and a 30 degree rise.

Available in October, this is the perfect accompaniment to the Sam Hill Signature handlebar.

Length: 40mm

Rise: 30 degree

Weight: 125grams (Inc bolts)


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