NEW: Super Light Steel Spring

Friday, August 26th, 2016

“Introducing Nukeproof’s new Super Light Steel Spring”

Nukeproof are proud to introduce our new Super Lightweight Steel Spring (SLS). The SLS Spring is designed to offer maximum performance for those wanting to save those precious grams over a standard steel spring.

We have been developing steel and Titanium spring upgrades since 2006 and the release of our new SLS Spring is an ideal upgrade for any Downhill or Enduro racer looking to fine tune their shock performance.


The Nukeproof SLS Spring designed to offer performance and save weight 

Designed and tested in collaboration with our elite race team the Nukeproof SLS springs have gone through a unique heat treatment process to alter the chemical composition of the metals. Our unique process changes the Silicium/Chromium/Steel Alloy mix to produce a super hard, yet lightweight metal that will withstand the highest demands inflicted through MTB.


Nukeproof SLS on spring on Sam Hill’s Mega 275 at Crankworx EWS 

To prevent shock rub, the spring is bi-convex in shape. This will allow the spring to progress freely without any friction when under load.

Up to 40% lighter than a steel spring, this hardened Super-light steel (SLS) spring has been designed to fit most rear shocks on the market by using Nukeproof’s unique Reducers and Spacers.


Mike Jones testing the prototype spring at Crankworx Les Gets on His Pulse

Now available in a range of weights from 200Lbs to 500Lbs. The Nukeproof SLS Spring will fit a most 36mm and 38mm 3″ shocks using the reducer spacers supplied with the spring.


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