Nukeproof Dissent & Sam Hill- You’re welcome

Thursday, May 30th, 2019

“Sam Hill & Nukeproof Dissent- you’re welcome “

There was only one way we could present our new Downhill Bike to you. Sam Hill + New Dissent + some of his local tracks in Western Australia.  What more could you want? …. you’re welcome. 

We flew over to deliver Sam a fresh Nukeproof Dissent with a team CRC-Mavic Sram/ Mavic/ Rockshox/ Michelin build and in doing so brought Tommy C of Caldwell Visuals and Matt Stagg’s to document the radness.

First time out on the protoype version of the Dissent he won the infamous Garbanzo Downhill in Whislter, but with a hectic EWS season he’s not had much chance to be on the Downhill bike. Despite this it took him no time to get up to speed and punishing the earth.  

Visiting some of Western Australia’s finest venues, Sam’s own downhill tracks, some legendary spots from films past and the awesome new Lingalonga bike park. As well as this some classic rake and ride flat turn tracks to give you some foot out flat out action.  

Enjoy this: 

Behind the filming: 

It didn’t take too long to fettle the set up and get the Dissent ready for some of Sam’s old School DH training tracks.  On Sam’s door step there may not have gondola access alpine Downhill trails, but what he does have is short sharp tracks with old school push up power to maxims the gainz and that have been the bed rock of his World Championship success.  

It’s easy to see why he’s a demon on any surface, the pea gravel and deep loose dust make riding super tricky for most humans, but he’s a master of his art and simply drifts his Dissent with almost effortlessly control.

For a man that to many doesn’t give much away the grin on Sam’s face was obvious to see he was just loving playing on his bike. To watch Sam on a downhill bike up close is like nothing else, the speed and precision of the man left us (Tommy C, Matt Stagg’s and myself) utterly dumb struck and also covered in the thick red Western Australian roost.  

Filming with Sam was back to a simpler form of life, you start to see (some of) why Sam can ride the way he can, old school tracks with hundreds of wild corners. The original tracks he had helped sculpt some years back as preparation for his assault on another World Titles. 

The amazing new bike park is 100% private funded and a tail of passion and hard work from a dedicated crew of people. A warren of amazing trails mixing Dh, Enduro and trail bike graded trails, plus 100’s of wild Kangaroo’s too! We mixed filming some high speed fun in the bike park, before swapped to soem classic rake and ride trails for something special.   

Heading into some woodland with a few rakes we created LingaLonga latest trail: “Tommy’s Twinge”. 30 minutes of raking, kicking and a masterpiece of Downhill speedway, linking 7 flat turns all as lethal as the next, watching Sam on this was a sight to behold.

After years of watching what is one of the best segments in a recent “bike movie” Clay Porters awesome Sam Hill section in “3 Minute gaps” the inner bike nerd in Tommy and I wanted visit the shoot location.  

Once Sam’s local tracks he hadn’t ridden here for a while, but again it took him no time to dial in lines and start creating some new ones (see below). 

The precision of which Sam could simply control the drift, point his Dissent and send it was simply awesome to watch. 

Double road gap. 

Launching to you in November 2019 the New Dissent.  

Huge thanks to:

And to our photographer Matt Stagg’s and Tommy C for the wild video.   

More to follow… 

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