Nukeproof Junior Team hit the USA

Monday, July 18th, 2011

The Nukeproof Junior team took their first major roadtrip to the USA and Canada to compete in the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup events at Mont-Sainte-Anne and Windham.  Check out the round-up of the guy’s trip.

The team left Dublin airport on Tuesday morning enroute to Montreal for the 4th stop of the World cup in Mont Saint Anne with 3 very over weight bike bags, luckily managing to talk our way out of 35kg of excess weight costs! 

Arriving in Mont Saint Anne late Tuesday night, a quick dip in the pool was needed before bed!

Wednesday was spent building the bikes, registering for the race and then walking the track before practice on Thursday.

The track at MSA was amazing; we both adjusted well to the high-speed course and were really enjoying it. 

Unfortunately qualifying didn’t go well for either rider – Dan crashing out at the top and Chris going offline in a rock garden near the bottom, missing the cut off by 2 seconds.

Disappointed – we hit the near by waterfalls for some cliff jumping.

We then got packing and set off to Windham for the next leg of the trip. It took us quite a few hours longer than expected due to the border crossing – which was packed with nearly every racer from MSA.

We arrived in Windham Tuesday morning and rented out two XC bikes from the local shop and went for a lap of the XC world cup track to spin our legs off after the long journey.

Again Wednesday was spent prepping the bikes, registering and signing on!

Practise went well but we knew it was a track that you had to have a perfect run as the times were going to be so tight.  A few runs with the boys from the CRC/ Nukeproof team and we were feeling confident for qualifying.

Unlucky qualifying run for Dan, after a steady run to prevent crashing he finished in 81st position, a mere 0.1 of a second from getting through. Everyone was abit gutted but still he was 8th Junior and 3 seconds quicker would have put him top 50! Chris just had a bad run missing a lot of lines and not getting “wild enough”, still finishing 107th.

Luckily there was round 3 of the Gravity East being held at the same venue but on another track, so we sneaked in 5 runs after qualifying which was great fun, hucking blind lines to flat and hoping for the best.

We woke up early the next day to sign on and walk the track. As we decided to race the pro category our runs weren’t until 20 past 6, which was quite a long wait after practice ended, so we hit the river for a swim.

Chris and Dan finished 3rd and 4th consecutively, which was a great result for them and a good end to the weekend.  Had they entered Juniors they’d have been 1st and 2nd!

After Windham we went down to NYC for a few chilled out days of sightseeing and shopping.  It was an amazing experience and defiantly a great end to the trip.



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