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Wednesday, June 10th, 2020

“All new V2 Horizon & Neutron wheels”

Since the early 90’s Nukeproof has been synonymous with creating quality hubs and wheelsets for riders. We’re pleased to introduce our all new ranges. A result of countless hours of  development and testing by our team. The result; The all new and improved Horizon & Neutron wheel range (version 2/ v2).

Improvements have been made across performance, durability and serviceability of both Horizon and Neutron wheel families. As a response to customer demand we have also changed the way we supply the wheels for riders too. Wheels now sold individually (front/ rear) to give riders “pic ‘n Mix” versatility of buying single wheels to suit their needs. As well as the wheels, a full list of accessories (valves, ARD, Rim Tape etc.) and spare parts are available, in what is our most complete “wheel range” to date.  

Full Wheel Brochure can be found here

Horizon Range: 

At the top tier is the new addition to our Horizon range. Designed for riders looking for the ultimate performance from their bike. At the heart of the new wheelsets is an all new hub featuring 102 points of engagement (engagement ever 3.52 degrees). The rapid engagement of the hub allows riders to get the power down instantaneously.

As it’s a Nukeproof product longevity and reliability is key. The Horizon hub uses lipped Enduro ABEC 5 Bearings. These are designed to protect the hub from the water and dirt on the trails. To aid longevity, they feature 80% grease filled bearings to reduce metal to metal contact (generally bearings are 30% filled). Lastly, the hotly debated topic of how they sound. “Off the shelf” they have a (nice) distinctive “buzz” to them, but as a result of a unsettled debate between our office team of personal preferences, we also offer the option of stealth pawls & springs as an upgrade for riders that prefer to coast trails in silence.

To ensure we cater for all modern drivetrains, Shimano HG, Sram XD and also Shimano Microspline freehubs are available as an option, as well as a wide variety hub widths to suit riders frame and fork spacing: 135mm/ 142mm/ 148mm/ 150mm & 157mm and 110 & 100MM Fork Spacing.

 We wanted to ensure that the wheels are suited for a wide range of use and not the limiting factor in your ride. The rim’s are designed to be tough enough to withstand the abuse of racing downhill, but svelte enough to glide along trails too. To ensure this was possible our rims are constructed using a dynamically aged magnesium-Silicon enriched alloy to give both the stiffness and harness, but ductility and yield properties (in short, the benefits of both 7 series and 6 series alloys).

To Avoid exposing rims to the extreme heat of the welding process (which can lead to potential week spots) the joins are created using a sleeving process. This ensures the properties of the rim alloy remain consistent and effective throughout the circumference. In simple terms they are strong and stiff but with a nice level of compliance allowing you to feel the trail where you need it to and ultimately help improved handling and control.

In terms of rim width, we believe a 30mm rim width (internal) gives the best compromise for most uses. Designed to suit most 2.3 to 2.6” tyres, the rim width allows the tyre casing to create a quality contact patch on the trail, whilst retaining strength and protection in the side walls. For ease of maintenance for riders they are finished off 32 hand laced J bend spokes (laced in a 3x pattern).   The wheels are therefore tested and approved the rims for downhill, enduro, all mountain and trail use.

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Neutron Range: 

As well as the Horizon range our Neutron wheels gets the full overall treatment as well. From Hub to rim it’s all new with improves across the board in terms of performance, strength and reliability.  The all new hub is designed for a smooth, fast pick up via an increase in points of engagement (36point of engagement, every 10degrees). In terms of fit , the same freehub and hub width options are available on the Neutron range as in the Horizon range to ensure maximum compatibility.

Strength and reliability of the wheels are key for the Neutron wheels and dependable 6066 alloy 29mm internal width rims are hand laced to the hubs with 32 J-Bend spokes. Again, we have developed and approved Neutron V2 Wheels for downhill, trail and enduro use.

To keep them always running fresh all our wheels are fully serviceable with a full range of spares options will be available through Nukeproof retailers.  

Both Horizon and Neutron wheel are available in 27.5” and 29” wheel offering and are supplied set up and tubeless ready (just add tyre and sealant). They will come pre-taped with Nukeproof rim tape and our Horizon Tubeless valves.

To extend the wheel range we now have Rim tap available separately in various widths 28mm-36mm, as well as Horizon tubeless Valves (black supplied, but also sold separately in various colours). All our wheels are fully compatible with our Active Rim Defence (ARD) tyre and rim protection.

Weight (Inc Valves and tape): 

Prices (Srp):


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