Nukeproof: Road Tripping

Wednesday, June 12th, 2019

“Nukeproof: UK Road Tripping” 

Riding styles are often a product of the environment, scene and geography you are brought up in. The UK, Despite being a relatively size, has a huge variation in scene all with their own quirks, yet all equally amazing.. With the launch of the new Nukeproof Ridewear and its continued evolution to cover the needs, wants and desires of our customers and athletes.

With Nirvana and Kashmir for those that want performance and Blackline and Outland for that more laid-back casual ride look, each line containing multiple items plus the addition of Nirvana multi-layer waterproof outerwear and merino baselayers to keep on riding whatever the conditions.

With this in mind and to get to know the eclectic mix of athletes, it seemed only fitting to and discover a few of our very own characters and their local ride spots. Road Trip… Thanks to LandRover for the loan of a new Discovery Sport to do this in comfort!  

Video and Photos by Laurence Crossman Emms


The Cast:

The Cast: Luke, Natasha, Ed, Christo and Adam

Formulating a structured and strict plan (on the back of a napkin) to show off the variety of the new Nukeproof Ridewear we (Picture/ Video man Laurence Crossman Emms and me- the chaffer) looked to cram in 4 “locals” ride spots in 4 days with 5 of our athletes thought the UK. 4x World Championship Medallist Natasha Bradley in the South West, Ex BMX pro Ed Williams in the Midlands, Team Wideopen Mag ace and current Scottish Enduro Champ Christo Gallagher in Scottish boarders and Mr Gas to flat Adam Brayton in the Lake District. Traveling with us would be Nukeproof’s male model extortioner and man of style and also double Wold Championship 4x medallist; Luke Cryer.      

The vehicle 

Day 1; River Dart Country Park:

After seeing the building of this park on Kye Forte’s Instagram, we genteelly persuaded Natasha to take us to the awesome new River Dart Country Park in Devon. 30 minutes from her home town of Torquay and set in a family friendly holiday park, we were all stunning by the new skills area- if you need a “family holiday” that you accidently stumble across some trails this is the place! Built with some of the best local builders behind it, the park is insane way to help you progress your skills and have fun.

Natasha Bradley: Blackline W kit

As a former BMX racer and now 4x star Natasha is no stranger to sending it big, but it was amazing to watch the progression and after a day sending the mulch jump and with some coaching/ persuading from Luke she had dialled the art of the “suicide no handers”.

Luke Cryer: Outland SS jersey and shorts

Rumours are more downhill/ enduro style trails will be going in soon! With light fading and a hectic schedule we started the trek north fuelled by service station burgers and coffee we were cruising up the M5 to the infamous mountains of the Black Country to meet Ed Williams

Day 2; Midlands:

After years riding and working with BMX’s Ed made the switched over to MTB in recent years and is now a ripper on a bike and can be seen on many an enduro podium. Considering the lack of mountain’s, the Midlands scene is awesome, it’s not just Cannock Chase trail centre, pockets of riders have crafted their own trails in the surrounding woodlands and hillsides. Ed took us to one of the original legal spots; Kinver Freeride park.

Ed Williams in Blackline jersey and Shorts

Huge credit to the Kinver local’s for creating a huge variety of big jumps, dual tracks and some awesome short, sharp natural trails. After seasoning multiple lines, we rounded the day off at another local BMX/ dirt jump spot. 

Dirt Jumps and Outland Jerseys

Day 3; Scottish Boarders:

Continuing the theme of fine dining in service stations, this time with the colonel’s finest chicken heading was north. Arriving in the boarders of Scotland, we met up with Team Wideopen’s Edinburgh enduro ace Christo Gallagher.

Christo Gallagher wearing the Nirvana Jersey and Short

Secrecy surrounded the spot he took us too and despite being some of the finest private trails we have ridden, we can’t delve into them. But huge thanks to the persons responsible for these trails are part of the backbone of why the UK scene is so good. Trail guide Christo was on fire on his local trails railing the corners and leading Luke into some Monster gaps.

Luke Cryer: Wearing the Blackline SS jersey and Shorts  

A fine day to own a bicycle. A slightly early end to the day thanks to over exuberance and a tree not moving and we were heading back south to the Lake District ready for our date with Mr Adam Brayton (dinner in a lovely local pub if anyone was keeping tabs). 


Day 4; Lake District:

Slightly wired by a high strength Gas to Flat coffee, we formulated the days plan. With weather was looking a little ever changeable we stuck to the hard stuff. Adam called in a favour from the awesome Honister Slate mines to enable us to test our 4×4 credentials up to the top of the slate mine. Greeting us at the top were a series of jumps he had built years before from piles of loose slate scree. In no time at all the scree was easily manipulation into some mini freeride lines, kick it in a ride it! Luke and Adam swapped challenges before an importuned rain storm called the end on play time (Nothing to do with the call of the Slate mines radical coffee shop!).

Adam in the new Outland Hoodie

 Luke Cryer in the Blackline LS jersey and Shorts

The National Trust has quite a firm grip on riding in the Lakes, but they are kind enough to allow bikes to ride gems like the Honister pass. With the weather clearing to give us a beautiful backdrop for the flat out rocky run down home.


And with that our mini trip came to an end. A huge thank you to Dartmoor Country Park, National Trust, Honiton Slate Mines and LandRover for their support and to all our riders and photographer Mr Laurence Crossman Emms.

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