Nukeproof Win Design and Innovation Award

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016

“Nukeproof win Design and Innovation award again” 




Nukeproof have a history for creating innovative products. Since 1990 Nuke Proof Industries was a pioneer in the use of Carbon in cycle components.

We have built on our knowledge and experience to produce the 2016 Warhead Carbon bars and are the proud recipients of a Design and Innovation award in the 2016 tests.

The Design and Innovation awards consists of a group of over 40 experts, made up by: designers, engineers and journalists from 10 countries.

” The Mission of the Design & Innovation Awards is to shape the bicycle world in a positive way.It serves as a forum for creativity, visionary ideas as well as the industries most creative products” 

The award panel had this to say about the Warhead Carbon bars:

“Sometimes you want products to be as light as possible, but with bars strength is the most important property. The new Nukeproof Warhead Carbon bars are tested to 680 kg of force (many alloy bars fail at 350 kg), so you can be sure that they will go the distance. The sweep and rise are perfect, and Nukeproof are confident enough to offer a lifetime warranty. The bars are affordable, light enough to fun on an XC bike, and strong enough for the toughest DH – in fact, they are everything a good bar should be! Price: € 129.99 Weight: 244g (780 mm)


Testing with the Enduro Magazine team

The 2016 update to the Warhead Carbon bars has seen many incremental improvements. An all new and improved carbon layup offering increased ‘toughness’ and strength. The bars are designed with a unique combination of Uni Directional Carbon paired with specifically located glass fibre to create one of the toughest handlebars on the market. We have increased the width from 760mm to 780mm whilst still keeping weights minimal at 235 grams (12mm rise).


Sam Hill testing the Carbon Warhead bars 

The improvements to the carbon layup are designed to increase the strength (double that of some premium alloy handle bars) but with added compliance from the glass fibre inclusion. This is added to help reduce rider fatigue from the forces transmitted through the grips to your hands, as well as acting as a fail safe in the event of an un-measurable crash, allowing you to ride home. To protect the surface of the bars and keep them looking fresh, the bars are supplied with a scratch resistant adhesive pad which can be applied to the top of the bars.

Intensive testing both in the lab and on the trails has helped develop these bars over the past 3 years. In rigorous testing we simulate flat landing, heavy crashes and long term fatigue effects as well as the standard machine strength tests. In order to validate the Warhead Carbon bars amongst the strongest and safest on the market we chose to test them to our own higher standard maximum load and failure tests.  Our athletes have also provided valuable feedback and input on the design as part of the development.

This all has allowed us to offer a lifetime warranty on the Carbon Warhead Handlebars against failure, not only for XC and trail riding but also the rigourous demands of enduro and downhill racing..


The Warhead Carbon bars are avaliable with a 9 degrees of back sweep, 6 degrees of up sweep and available in 3 rise options.

12mm Rise = 235g

25mm Rise = 248g

8mm Rise = 260g

This award comes of the back of their excellent review from Vital MTB.

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