Nukeproof’s Mega trip to Dolceacqua

Friday, November 20th, 2015

“Dolceacqua, Italy Mega photo story”


2016 has been a stellar year for new products from Nukeproof: The New Horizon Pedal, Critical protection, the amazing new Pulse and new 290 platform for the Scout. For the Mega we wanted something a little special. We didn’t want to launch a bike at one of the industry shows- its not where our All Mountain bike is designed to live.

The idea was simple, hold the launch in a location and proving ground fit for today’s all mountain/ Enduro bikes. Away from the manicured berms and trails of the bike parks and trail centres, we were looking for fast, steep, natural terrain where the Mega would be tested and challenged. Dolceacqua in Northern Italy came highly recommended by a one of our employees who had come back raving about the area after racing the Dolcenduro. After another trip out there to “scout for accommodation”- nothing to do with riding the amazing trails again, we found an amazing backdrop for the launch, Altavia. A local vine yard and wine tasting location with some amazing accommodation.



Teaming up with the local MTB guide company and trail builders, Supernatural who guided us around the local terrain and provide uplifts to the best of what the Dolceacqua valley has to offer.

There is a lot that goes into organising an event like this, but the basics were- non stop drive from Belfast to Italy, set up quickly and hit the trails as soon as possible after downing some super strong local espresso’s….


Pre media arrival ride, straight from the house 

As well as a host of journalists from the international media, we invited Nukeproof athlete and downhill legend Sam Hill and CRC-Paypal team manager Nigel Page. You know the trails are good when you hear the sound of Sam laughing (some way off) down the trails. 


Nigel and Sam on their new Mega 275


Grinning his way down the Goata express trail

 Our international distributor Hotlines Marketing manger Declan Deehan joined us- Unfortunately Dec crashed hard trying to gap a road that really wasn’t on, landing at the feet of Sam to the unmistakable sound of a very australian “what are you doin’ mate?”. Despite 2 trips to the local hospital resulting in a confirmed broken collar bone: Dec- also a trained chef, stayed with us and provided some amazing food for our guests- a massive thank you to Dec for spoiling us all!


More worried on scratching his new shoes than the broken collar bone


“endur-aubergines” Dec style  

With the mammoth task of setting up a range of bikes for 10 highly knowledgeable and informed journalists, we were lucky to have Carsten drive down from the Sram development and testing facility in Germany to help get everybody dialled in and offer some set up suggestions to help compliment the bikes for each riders requirements. This also gave Nigel and Sam a chance to try out a variety of new products and try some difference shock tunes ahead of the race season next year.



Carsten gets Pagey’s bike dialled in while Nigel checks up on the “Team Rumours websites”


Not a bad workshop

On the arrival night our guests were welcomed with a gourmet BBQ and an introduction to the new Mega before heading early to bed for the following days “epic ride.”

Supernatural provided us with two guides- Stefan and Stefano to show us some truly amazing trails and breathtaking scenery. A scenic 90 minute uplift to the start of the ride was greeted with another hours climbing but was all worth it for the scenery alone- let alone the awesome trails. Rough, rocky shoots along vertical drop off’s provided a test of the bike as well as your nerve.


Even the uplift was scenic 


Climbing through the clouds 


Panda 4×4 at the top of a long climg


Endless views over the Italian Riviera


Journalists try and follow Sam Hill down from the peak

 2 hours of descending these epic ridges took us to our lunch stop, then another couple of hours of more natural, loamy trails and rocky paths provided an unforgettable day.

Day 2 was an uplift day of the more local trails around Dolceacqua, fast, rough and super fun, it offered a true test for the Mega in the spiritual homeland of “Super Enduro“.


Sam Hill dropping into Dolceaqua


Nukeproof Brand Manager, Ali Beckett


Pinkbikes, Paul Aston on one of many of Dolceacqua’s rock gardens


Team Manager, Nigel Page on the Mega 290 


Nukeproof Boss, Michael Cowan 

After two amazing days riding with the media in the perfect backdrop for the new Mega, we finished off in fine style in Docleacqua castle- tasting the produce of the town. Spoiled with fine wine, Fresh focaccia and home grown Olives accompanied by the Major of Dolceacqua and the all those who made the trip possible.


Rob from Singletrack Magazine tasting the finer things



Thank you Dolceacqua

You can read the reviews on the new Mega below, with more to follow in the print media.

Enduro Magazine

The press also had the chance to test our new Critical Knee pads, Warhead Carbon bars and Horizon Sam Hill Signature pedals.

Pedal reviews:

Also a few interviews with Sam Hill

Thank you to all the people that made this possible, Sram, High 5 Nutrition, Crankbrothers, the local vine yard. A special thank you to Duncan Philpott for the quality images and big thank you to the team at Supernatural for all the help and amazing guide service- we will be back.




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