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Friday, November 4th, 2016

“Pinkbike Owners Club”

The internet has brought us a few amazing things in it’s time, one it’s many fine inventions is the advent of many mountain bikers favourite platform: The Forum. Most are places to socialise, ask advice, talk to other riders, find ride spots, trawl photos and vent your anger, Others are are just scary.

Thankfully for us riders websites like, Singletrack, VitalMTB and Pinkbike has a very active forum’s. We try and keep an eye on the some Nukeproof matters on sites (when possible). They are a great source of consumer feedback; what we can do better, What people like and sometimes tell us what we are doing right! On Pinkbike there is a specific section devoted to Nukeproof owners, dubbed the “Nukeproof Owners Club”¬†480+ pages of useful information, custom builds and plenty of knowledgeable riders only too willing to help.

Here are a few of our favourite photos that have run recently and owner stories:


here’s my Mega 275 team XL frame built up 2 months ago. This was my first time racing it at FoD enduro a couple of weeks ago. Awesome bike!



Decided to buy it after meeting Matti Lehikoinen at this year’s Megavalanche and falling in love with his bike! See you in Alp d’huez next year!



I’ve had my mega for almost 4 years now, and she’s still putting up with my liking for fast and rough with plenty of time off the ground!! She’s been everywhere from cwmcarn to caersws, and just about every other trail centre in the UK! Such a capable bike, probably the best all rounder there is!




me riding my pulse at our local hand built trails, has been super reliable for me over the past 2 years of thrashing and smashing.


Here’s proof that old nukes don’t die – they just get rebuilt….. This is my recently built up 2014 TR, still rocking old skool 26″! Picked the frame up the beginning of the year and sourced the parts as and when throughout the year.¬†I built the bike up over the summer whilst I was unable to ride due to a knee injury. Not had chance to ride it much other than a few outings on my local trails so far. Hoping to give it some good use over the winter. Great bike, and a great project – which I enjoyed building.


Another 26″! 2013 Mega TR: 2016 has treated us well: entered my first mountain bike race at the first round of the Welsh Enduro Series and took her out to the Morzine for a week over the summer! Would love to make the pilgrimage to Megavalanche 2017!


Not quite an owner as my Nukeproof Scout 27.5 in silver has yet to arrive but just about everything else has. God I love unboxing and laying all the parts out, makes me feel like a little kid again all giddy and excited. I’ve been riding a Cannondale Prophet for a long time and absolutely love it especially since its running some pretty nice spec but its gotten a bit old for an alloy frame and I’ve certainly not been gentle with it over the years doing everything from XC to taking it to parks. Also since riding a new trail that’s more centred around flow and much smoother than the most of the ones around me I decided to pull the trigger on this frame. Here’s my bench after laying everything out last night (aside from tires and derailleur). Can’t wait to share the finished build, hopefully by the end of the week.



Here’s my tr! loving it



My Mega 275 having a mess about at Farmer Johns


Here’s my 2017 Pulse too, no pics of it in action I’m afraid but will get one next time it’s out to play




2016 Mega 275 practicing for the Ard Moors Enduro.

An absolutely brutal weekend on the bike, covering 60km with nearly 2000m of climbing, but the descents are well worth the climbs, and the Mega laps it up! The 275 is such an improvement over my last bike, which was just as much fun to ride, just not as quick……




I love my 2013 26″ Mega TR, it has become my go to bike for pretty much everything. It is confidence inspiring, hellish fast descender, and climbs nicely. I love love love Fab Fab Fab this bike. It has done mega epics in Scotland, DH days at Gawton, FOD and Triscombe and everyday trails all over the place. In fact I am so terrified of what to do if it dies, that I have just sourced a 2015 TR 275 waiting in the wings…. Apologies for the dirty bike, been riding lots, and crap photo, sun is only just up here in sunny Devon.






Thank you to all the riders that posted their rides, be sure to follow us also @nukeproofinternational 


2017 Brochure can be found HERE


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