Sam Hill and Mike Jones Pre Season

Friday, June 19th, 2015

“Trail Ride Sam Hill Style on the Mega Am

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January ’15 Mike Jones headed form his home in the Afan Valley, South Wales to Perth, Western Australia to home of Nukeproof team mate Sam Hill.


“So this January my good mate Mike Jones came and stayed with me for 3 months so we could train together and prepare for the 2015 season. It was awesome having him stay out here, my wife got him out in the garden and my son Bam loved having him here. He thought he was the man working hard on his tan until it would peel off a few days later. It made training more fun having Mike to ride with everyday, even though I’m pretty sure he hated me every day dragging him out on the bike.”Sam Hill


“So I spent the winter out with Sam at his home training in Perth, Australia. It was something I think I needed to do just to open up my eyes to how much you have to train to get to the top of our sport. Training with Sam was tough, the hours we put in on the bike was ridiculous and something I had never done. Normally I only ride for an hour or two, but with him I didn’t know how long we would be out as he didn’t tell me! I think working close with Sam with his experience made me think that no matter how you feel you still have to get up and go training. Wasn’t bad either having the nice weather, that made me want to train more. Usually I would be training at home in South Wales in the rain and mud, which is great but you can’t beat the sun to help you get out of bed.” – Mike Jones


Mike’s came back from the trip even more focused and determined. Being able to work so close with Sam and currently Sam’s mechanic Jacy, the results speak for themselves – 3rd at Lourdes, 23rd at the Irish EWS and 2nd in Qualifying at Fort William. It’s a great story that Mike made his break on the world cup scene on his natural talent, hard work and determination. With his Sam, Pagey and the whole CRC-Paypal teams support he is taking the step up to the next level. We are looking forward to having Sam back once he is ready and strong enough. His results in Rotorua EWS, a top 10 and a stage win, showed promise for the season. His history and track record says enough.



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