Sam Hill World Championship special Mega 275 C

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017

“Sam Hill World Championship special Mega 275 C” 

Photo Credit: Fraser Britton

There is something about World Championships that brings out the beast in Sam Hill.

This year Sam was determined to represent Australia to chase the coveted rainbows stripes in his home country and with his one off 18th in Fort William did enough to qualify for the Australian federation criteria. With a late team announcement, our designers and custom frame painter Johnny at Refurbmybike, Belfast were under huge pressure to create something befitting of a 5 time World Champion.

But the results are stunning; Patriotic Candy Green to Gold with silver, gold flake and gold leaf on his EWS race winning (and championship leading) Mega 275 set up… The paint detail is just incredible. We’ve also added a little green anno detail on his signature flat Horizon pedals. At present Sam plans to ride his Mega as he feel 100% comfortable on the bike, however we do have a Nukeproof Pulse there just in case he decides to ride the big(er) bike.

Some boy… Johnny at Elite Refinishers (@refurbmybike) creating another master piece, Thank you



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