Live to Ride: Elliott Heap

Monday, July 6th, 2020

Live To Ride: Elliott Heap”

Nico Turner’s Live to Ride Series caught up with Team CRC-Nukeproof’s Elliott Heap to discuss a multitude of things, from where it all started to MX to Pies. 

“Lockdown life” has been strange for us all, whilst many have had to adjust to new practises, it’s weird to think of a “mountain bike pro” having to adapt to a normal 22 year old’s life. Elliott has been racing nearly his whole life, from the age of 6 in MX and from 16 in mountain bike. 

Nearly all his “mountain bike career” has been spent on a pro team as a protege of the “Nigel Page Talent Scouting School”. In his short career, he’s won more accolades than most. Highlights have to be, 3rd overall in the Junior Downhill World Cup series in only his 3rd season of racing bikes then to becoming under 21 Enduro World Series Champion 2 years later, through to winning a World Championship Silver Medal at the 4x World Championship in Val Di Sol in 2019. 

It’s easy to say he’s a natural on a bike, but truth is its years and years of practise and dedication in doing what he loves. But he is one of the most gifted and talented riders of his generation. His control on anything with two wheels  is up there with the best in the world (even one wheel- he’s even good on a unicycle!). 

There is a unique pressure that comes on the Team CRC-Nukeproof team. noth put on the riders to perform by anyone, but the weight of looking across at your team mate and knowing your being compared against Sam Hill, possibly (defiantly) the greatest rider of all time. Elliott sees this as a huge motivation. In Sam and Nigel he’s some of the top people to support his career (as well as a hugely supportive family). 

2020 is going down as a strange year, but as a person that has grown up racing “he’s happiest on the start line” and we’re looking forward to seeing him back there, whichever start line it may be…      

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Photos: Kierran Kenny 

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