Tahnée wins first round of IXS European Cup

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Its been a strange winter for us this year with hardly any rain or snow so… as expected – the first big race of the season and the clouds open up! 

Its been a strange winter for us this year with hardly any rain or snow so… as expected – the first big race of the season and the clouds open up!

Monte Tamaro in Switzerland was the setting for the first round of the IXS European Cup. A place that can be quite on/off with the weather (last season it was cancelled) so, even after good weather reports, we were prepared(ish) for the worst.

We arrived Friday midday and walked the track in the pouring rain… Maxxis Wetscream’s onto the bike and up for a run before the lift shut.

Saturday and some sunshine! It had rained all night, so we kept the tyres on. for practise.

Tahnée said: "We had just put a harder spring on my M9 and with my new forks, the bike is working amazing. I felt good and confident on the track all morning that I headed up for my qualifying run without any doubts in my head – the more the track cut up, the more fun I was having!"

There were no other under 17 girls so Tahnée went into the Elite Women category – being the youngest there, she was first down the mountain.

Waiting at the bottom, the qualifying times were erratic, we really did not know what to expect from her on this tough and challenging course – especially with the Open Men ranging from 5 to 8 minutes! 

Tahnée crossed the line in 5mins 54secs… the girls continued down but none of them got under 6 mins until Scott 11’s Emilie Siegenthaler who came in with a 5.47.

"I got to the start on time, so I didn’t have to wait… They called my name and I was in the start hut and off. I didn’t feel the need that i had to push myself, having reel fun on the track so I had the biggest grin on my face. I was doing a few mistakes but knew I had some sections nailed. When i got to the bottom i didn’t even look at my time. I knew i had a good time, even with the mistakes – and knew I could go faster!"

We walked the track Saturday night to find Claudio Caloiri and other working on the track making new lines because of how badly the track was getting cut up.

"Race day did not start well!  I was all over the place – I think them changing the course got into my head a bit as I had so many sections nailed. I gave it a few runs and decided to stop and just relax before my race run. I also felt I was putting too much pressure on myself as i really wanted to beat the fastest qualifier. I knew i could do it, I just now needed to prove it."

"I couldn’t wait for my race run, i was desperate to get out there. Just like my qualifying run I made quite a few mistakes, but made it up on the pedally sections by pushing myself. My mouth was really dry and i was struggling to keep my hands on the bars, the track had got rough but it felt like the bike was dancing underneath me… I really was having fun!"

Tahnée crossed the line in 5:29.786 going into first above France’s Fanny Lombard with only Emilie left on track… she sprinted through the tunnel and crossed the line in 5:31.461…

After narrowly missing out on a couple of occasions last season, Tahnée has taken her first ‘Elite’ win in European competition… although as she is still only 15 she got to go on the U17 podium by herself and the Elite’s had their own podium without her!

Official results can be found here: http://www.ixsdownhillcup.com/results-de

Thank you so much to all of her sponsors:

Fox Head Europe, Intense Cycles, Marzocchi, Hope, Nukeproof, Oakley, Leatt Brace, MRP, Monster Energy, Goodridge, Soundcast, FiveTen, Maxxis, Shimano

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