Team Wideopen Mag 2019 is go..

Thursday, February 28th, 2019

“let’s go racing” 

With the UK exiting the winter, the stoke kettle is brewing with the race season is just around the corner. We’re happy to announce our continued support for UK racing and the Team Wideopen Mag.

Now in it’s 10th year, there is a proven history of graduates. Laurie Greenland (Mondraker Factory), Mark Scott (Santa Cruz), Kelan Grant (CRC-Mavic), Charlie Hatton (Atherton Racing), Morgan Tyrell (Intense) and Chris Cumming (TBC) are all on factory teams, living the racers dream on factory programs on the world stage.

There is more to the team than racign graduates with the likes Rich Thomas & Jay Williamson all having raced at the highest level and now coaching and inspiring a new generation of the sport.

The Nukeproof brand has developed around the racing scene. Almost all of our office compete at various levels and its inspired and been the test bed for our products. In Marketing our support for the athletes and ambassadors is our key driver to promote our products to our customer riders.

But don’t get thinking it’s heavy production line of rapid racers. You only need to look at the list of ex riders above to realise that there some of the most well rounded likeable riders on the scene (and seriously quick!). Its a family friendly team always loose and promotes the main reason we pick up a bike in the first place, to have fun and shred!

The Wideopen team offers something a little different than most. The team’s approach is to offer an all round support package including  coaching across media, nutrition and health as well as the kit and mechanical support for riders at the races all wrapped up in a fun, family friendly atmosphere.

Nukeproof are proud to support the team this year with Frames, Horizon pedals and also our new ride wear (more on that soon).

It’s a returning cast for 2019 mixed across Enduro and Downhill.

Chis “Hutch” Hutchens and Christo Gallagher head the enduro line up.

Both are Scottish Enduro Champions and both bring their unique flavor and style to the team. Hutch is on board a custom built Mega 275c and Christo a 290, more to come on these bikes.

Since the team outset, Nukeproof have run a downhill program with Wideopen. But, rather than focusing on Elite racers we are looking to help support the next generation of UK superstars to the World Cup Scene. Returning for a second year are youth  racers Dan Cope and Connor Smith.

Dan is reigning Welsh National Champion and a ripper from the South Wales valleys.

Connor is 2017 Juvenile national champion growing up on the mean hills of the Cannock Chase. Both will be at nationals, local and regional races across the country.

Connor and Dan will both be on our new Dissent Downhill frame once it’s released to the market.  

Good luck to the team and keep up to date with all the info on Wideopen Mag and Nukeproof’s social channels @nukeproofbikes

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