Scouting Snowdon on the ’17 Scout 275 and 290

Wednesday, October 19th, 2016

“Scouting Snowdon”

The Scout is designed to take you back to minimal fuss, raw mountain biking. Whether its embracing your spirit of
adventure or attacking the trail, the Scout it’s designed as a do it all Hardtail. For 2017 the Scout has evolved. A new level of components and finish provides the opportunity for your Scout to roam further and harder than ever before.


There is always a discussion where we shoot our brochures. Exotic location are often touted: the Italian riviera, Whistler, Australia… Not a bit of it- North Wales. The Snowdonian National Park always conjures up images of a younger self clambering up a Snowdon, probably cold and wet, wearing the “none regulation” walking attire and possibly throwing the odd tantrum when tired. Now as “adults” the mountains the mountains feel like home and the chance to revisit Snowdon and explore stir’s the spirit of adventure in us. The multitude of back drops that Wales has to offer is vast and varied- you can have exposed slate scree slopes, epic mountain views and stunning coastlines. For this reason we chose to make the trip. For the Scout segment of our 2017 brochure choosing to shoot on the slopes of Snowdon.


With 3 “North Walian’s” (Laurence, Joe Smith-technically from mid Wales and myself) in the group, as well as our Northern Irish athlete Kelan Grant, it was a chance to relive our youth. We devised a plan with Laurence; who is a ‘veteran’ of Snowdonia (he had the maps of the area which makes him an expert in my eyes) to ride the Rhyd Ddu Path- a little quieter at this time of year than the Rangers path.

After a few days of shooting in a constant stream of rain, we lucked out with the weather for the trip and headed up to Llanberis.


North Wales at it’s finest – Epic singletrack and stunning views

The 14km route starts near Llanberis and summits along the ridge line of Snowdon, with a gradual technical climb and sweeping rocky technical descent it seemed a perfect venue. At this time of year there was a voluntary ban of bikes on Snowdon from 10am to 5pm, so with us having to focus on photo’s we didn’t quite make the summit before having to head off the mountain to respect the walkers.


The new Scout Comp*

Rhyd Ddu path is made up of natural rock gardens, laid rock and natural walkers paths to challenge any Hardtail. Joe’s choice was the new Scout 275. Developed to be a real hardcore hardtail. Designed to attack single track, with its slack angles, low BB and the lightweight yet stiff aluminium frame.

The Scout complimented Joe’s natural bike skill’s. The aluminium frame gives the confidence to control and position the bike on the trail. As one of the most talented bike handlers out there, Joe was powering the Scout up the steep climbs, when it go to rough he effortlessly carried on used his trials skills to hop the back wheel up the rocks to ascending the “impossible” climbs. Once pointed downhill he picked up speed to rail the trail, launching natural gullies, threading his way through the brutal rock gardens and drifting the wide open loose slate corners down to the trail head.


Joe carving his way down Snowdon on the new Scout 275 Comp*

Nukeproof’s development enduro rider Kelan’s choice of bike was the 290. In 2016 he has used the Scout 290 as his training bike for enduro’s. His Scout has proved a versatile vessel, Lapping the Irish trail centres, eating the miles on epic rides, racing Irish XC races and being his daily commute to work and university. Similar to the 290 it’s designed to attack. Where ever Joe went Kelan followed.


Kelan’s weapon of choice- Scout 290 Race


Off piste on the Scout 290 Race 


Too much messing about and having fun meant we didn’t reach the top before the 10am curfew- Next time… 


Walkers look on at the Rhyd Ddu Station

As always when you bring competitive riders together a mini competition develops; who can clean the awkward rock strewn climbs? First to hit the gaps rollers? Fastest down a section? Longest Manual? Wildest Drift? Whatever was happening, it was it provided entertainment all the way up and down the mountain. It’s the adventures like this that remind you that mountain biking a special sport; stunning natural scenery, great craic and  awesome trails made for an epic trip.


Full Brochure can be found HERE

Photos: Laurence Crossman-Emms

*Joe’s Scout Comp was a custom build for this ride.

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