Ti Spring Manufacturing

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

We’ve seen a bunch of comments around the internet regarding Nuke Proof Ti springs we thought it would be a good idea to give you guys some more info on how and where the Nuke Proof springs are made.

There are not many companies worldwide who can make high quality titanium springs, of a size to work on a mountainbike shock. The company that we use is based in Taiwan, and is the only non-Japanese company that is approved by Honda to make springs for their engines. This company also make the springs for pretty much ALL the other bike brands out there.

The springs are made from the highest quality Ti wire imported from Japan. We asked the company for a spec and they wouldn’t tell us. It’s confidential. The wire arrives at the spring factory in Taiwan in massive rolls and before any springs are wound a sample is tested from each roll to make sure the wire is of the correct standard.

The springs are then wound and cut to length before the ends are ground flat for a perfect fit between the spring and spring seat. Next comes the important bit, and the bit that means you can see who gets springs made here, or not – The springs are then SHOT PEENED. Remember this bit.

Next, they go into a machine that compresses the finished springs repeatedly so they do not shorten further through use.

Finally, every spring then goes through an x-ray machine so that any spring with a material defect is removed.

Last time we visited the factory we asked if they could skip the shot peening step as we felt that some of the other springs looked a bit more expensive with a smooth finish. The engineers said that under no circumstances would they skip that step as they viewed it as a crucial process in the production of spring and the shot peening made a significant difference in the consistancy and performance. They viewed non shot peened springs as cheap, low quality springs.

We’re extremely proud to be working with this particular manufacturer and we honestly don’t think there is a better spring manufacturer. The fact that most of you are already riding on springs made by these guys is a testement to that.

We asked them if next time we are out at the spring factory we’ll cold make some videos and give you guys an insight into how the springs are made and tested. They have declined this, as their process is proprietary and unique. So sorry. We’ll try and sneak a belt buckle camera in and shoot as much as we can though.

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