Win for Alastair at SDA 5

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Ae Forest is always a fun track and this weekend was no exception. The track followed a very similar line to normal but was taped a bit wider making for a few different line choices. The last few SDA's have been taped this way and is a definate improvement welcomed by everyone and bringing back a good vibe to racing.

The track started off greasy and slippy up top as we rolled off the start and down the rock strewn first drop and along the narrow off camber path before a big greasy right hander and dropping into the first awekward root section where you just had to let go and try carry speed for the exit. Onwards down a jumy section and then accross the fire road through the rock garden before we came into a newly cut rooty section that proved very trick to stay on for a while before a couple of small changes were made which made it perfect but would still catch the unwary. We then dropped over the stepdown and railed the two huge berms before a tight corner round a large tree and dropped into the finish.

It was a real fun track, and with efficient uplift I managed to get in seven runs without hurrying at all.

Sunday morning there was time to get in three practice runs and I felt pretty comfortable with everything.

My first race run went well apart from a loose corner up top where I slid out with my front wheel a bit much and lost vital momentum. Everyhing else went well and I went fastest with Neil Wilson coming second and Pete Hoggan making a comeback in third.

Second runs were all similar times and the overall result stood as me taking the win by 9 secs, Wilson second and Hoggan third.

This was the final race of the SDA Series and I secured 2nd place overall with David Tallontire taking the Series Win.

What a great series it proved to be once again thanks to the very hard working SDA Committee as well as everyone else that made it possible, great job guys.

Next Race: No Fuss Events Tour of Ben Nevis (perfect for the Nukeproof Mega)

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