World Of MTB Awards – Victory for Nukeproof

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

World Of MTB Awards – 2015

World Of MTB Magazine based in Germany award the best products in test across a variety of disciplines and categories each year.

This year, Nukeproof have come up trumps with the Mega AM Comp Enduro Bike, and the brand new Electron EVO pedal.

Check out the link to download the full magazine:

We have translated (as best we can) the text to give you a feel for why each product was given the award.

Mega AM Comp:

Since “Mr. Flat Pedal ” Sam Hill moved to the British MTB brand, anyone who has something to do with bikes knows this brand.

If a rider like Sam dismantles all trails into particulars, that needs sturdy materials. And that is what Nukeproof supply.

Slacker, lower and longer is the trend of the new enduro-generation.

The British brand accepted the challenge and sent the Mega AM, supplied with these genes, on its journey to the enduro bike-spots.

The Mega AM stands for All Mountain. But it doesn’t exclude it from feeling at home in the roughest terrain.

Regarding the weight, the bike is not in the lightest category, however, the Mega AM is highly recommended whenever the top priority isn’t the weight but the riding characteristics.

2015 offers Comp and Pro versions of the same Mega AM Platform.


Electron EVO Pedal: “Bomb Proof”

Nukeproof  is actually known mostly for fast bikes and just as fast WorldCup riders, however it also offers lots of components.

For this reason, the fast 2010 world champion Sam Hill committed to the team.

The Electron – Evo – pedal is a flat pedal made of durable composite material and at 348 grams, they are lighter than many aluminium counterparts.

Seven replaceable pins per side provide secure grip, and customers can choose from six bright colors.




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