Nukeproof Tubeless Rim Tape 10M

Nukeproof tubeless tape has been rigorously tested to ensure a firm, effective and long lasting seal.

Designed to meet the modern demands of downhill and enduro racing.

One 10-metre roll will be enough tape to cater for 4 x 29” wheels. One layer with a 4” overlap is all that is required to tape your wheel for tubeless setup. We recommedn to choose a tape 2mm – 3mm wider than the internal rim width to allow for the concave shape of the rim.

Instructions for Use

  • Remove existing rim tape and sealant residue
  • Remove and old sealant residue
  • Wipe, clean the rim and ensure it is completely dry from any liquid
  • Start opposite the valve hole and maintain tension as you apply tape
  • Work air bubbles out as you tape the wheel (Push air out towards and through the spoke holes)
  • Apply one layer of tape with a 4″ overlap of the starting position.
  • Check to ensure all air bubbles have been removed and tape is fully stuck right out to the edges of the rim
  • Use a sharp point/ skewer to pierce a small hole to insert your air valve
  • Apply Tyre as normal (if setting up tubeless please apply tubeless tyre sealant also)


Length 10m
SuitabilityDownhill, Enduro
Option 25mm, 33mm, 27mm, 30mm, 35mm


Quality assured rim tape
Suitable for Downhill, Enduro and Trails
Enough tape for x4 29er rims
10m length