Precision-engineered to the most exacting of tolerances to deliver optimum performance and long life in harsh riding conditions.

The latest 2015 generation of Warhead MTB headsets have been revised, improved and expanded for optimum fit, sealing and performance as well as compatibility with a wide range of fork and frame standards.

Featuring sealed angular contact bearings, split alloy crown races and upper and lower bearing cups CNC-machined from proprietary aluminium, the Warhead headset offers the optimum balance of light weight, strength and durability for performance across all riding disciplines.

The Warhead is available in a range of options to cover multiple fork/headtube configurations, including full range of Standard Steerer (SS – 1-1/8”), Tapered Steerer (TS – 1-1/8” to 1.5”) and Oversize Steerer (OS – 1.5”) combinations. Internal and external cup options also available including zero stack versions with internal top and bottom cups.

The specialist AS1 complete headset remains in the range with 1 degree internal angle adjustment for 1.5” headtubes.

All models feature a super tough black hard anodised finish, with laser-etched graphics

New additions for 2015 include the option to select specific TOP and BOTTOM headset cups to suit your headtube and fork configuration. The NEW cups will also allow you to replace the bearings with a ceramic upgrade.

Don’t know which headset you need? No problem! Simply use our Headset Technical Guide which includes a Headset Finder.



Fit:Will fit all frames with a 1.5” headtube between 115mm and 130mm long
Steerer:1-1/8" straight steerer in 49mm headtube
Zero Stack:Internal top and bottom cups
Headtube:49.57mm ID
Top Cup Type / Depth:Internal 9.5mm
Bottom Cup Type / Depth:Internal 18mm
Stack Height:11.6mm
S.H.I.S. Top Cup / Bottom Cup:ZS49/28.6 - ZS49/30
T1:Traditional 34mm - 1 1/8th
T2:Standard 44mm (Zero-Stack) - 1 1/8th
T3:Reduced 49mm - 1 1/8th
B1:Traditional 34mm - 1 1/8th
B2:Standard 44mm (Zero-Stack) - 1 1/8th
B3:Shallow Cup 44mm - 1 1/8th
B4:External 44mm (Increases Stack) - 1 1/8th
B5:Tapered 44mm - 1.5"
B6:Reduced 49mm - 1 1/8th
B7:External 49mm - 1.5"
B8:Standard 1.5" Zero Stack


Specific Top and Bottom headset cup options
Replaceable angular contact bearings
Laser-etched angle indicator graphics (including coding)
Split Alloy Crown Race for easy installation/removal
Hard Anodised Finish