Nukeproof Horizon Pro Brass 35mm Tubeless Valve

Nukeproof Horizon Pro Brass 35mm Tubeless Valve

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Nukeproof Horizon Pro Brass 35mm Tubeless Valve

At 10mm shorter than Nukeproof's standard valve, this 35mm tubeless valve is less likely to be struck by trail debris such as rocks. The lower profile valve is complimented with further strength gains by using brass and a revised wall thickness. As a result, these updates make this valve super strong and only 2g heavier at 14g for the pair.

As with Nukeproof's standard valves, this valve is fully compatible with tyre insert systems such as Nukeproof ARD and other brands. This model also benefits from a removable core, ensuring you can get the most airflow from your pump or cartridge. The head of this valve has also been designed to sit on top, enabling easier inflation and deflation.

The same custom cap has been used with the integrated core remover, which allows for the core to be removed and fitted without specialist tools, while at the trailside or working from home. The nut has been designed so that you can get a good grip on the flat edges to firmly tighten the valve to the rim.

An O-ring is included and sits against the outside of the rim to prevent damage from the nut tightening against the rim.

How to Install

Remove the valve cap and nut, insert the valve through the rim, fit the O-ring to the valve, thread on the nut and tighten by hand.


  • Material: Brass
  • Use: Mountain Bike (MTB)
  • Wheel Compatibility: Nukeproof ARD and other rim defense systems
  • Length: 35mm
  • Shared top cap with integrated core remover as standard valve
  • Single or Pair: Pair
  • Weight: 14g (pair)