If you've been anywhere near the internet Team Rumor mill in the past few weeks- you've probably seen a certain name creating the hype of where she will end up. We're stoked to announce she's riding with us; Welcome to Nukeproof Miss Katy Winton.... As Katy has kept her plans a guarded secret, we're excited to let you know what's next for her. So hear it is straight from Katy:



"Words cannot describe how absolutely delighted I am to join Nukeproof!! They've gone above and beyond to make this happen for me and to make me feel welcome, supported and part of the brand. After all the struggles, I've found exactly what I was looking for. It was a priority of mine to make sure I had the best fitting bike for me and I have spent a lot of time studying geometry charts. The Giga stood out as a great fit for a small person as well as the geo being progressive with the times... it's also an absolute feast for the eyes! After my first ride I can already confirm they have absolutely nailed it! I am so buzzing because it can only get better from here!! I can't wait to get between the tape and see what we can achieve together this year. Thanks team!!"

- Katy Winton- Team Moxi XI

We’re stoked for Nukeproof to be part of Katy’s new team. She’s an incredible athlete and a brilliant ambassador for our sport, her attitude is a perfect fit for Nukeproof. We’re looking forward to seeing her and her Giga charging at the of the Enduro World Series. It’s been awesome to read/ watch the reaction to Katy’s refreshing honesty in her recent video series and look forward to watching her give a real insight for all of us into the mental and physical determination needed to make it at the highest level in future videos (plus all the good times, champagne and gelatos too).

Welcome to the team- Katy Winton!


Photography thanks to Dave Makinson.

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