A-Z of Scoutin About


A is for arsing about- basically what Scoutin' About is all about
B is for Blake aka Mr Scout  
C is for Car Park builds- Elliott's special
D is for Dont try this at home- we use professional monkeys  
E is for Elliott - the star of all three Scoutin' Abouts so far
F is for Fence jumps (seems to happen a lot)
G is for Going Huge- there is only one way
H is for Huck and Hope
I is for idiots- because you have to be to do the stuff they do
J is for Jokers
K is for Kids
L is for where we're going for Scoutin' About #4 (hmmmm)
M is for Marra's  
N is for No Scouts were harmed in the making of these edits  
O is for One up manships- its all about winning the scene  
P is for Pray
Q is for Questioning your sanity
R is for
S is for SEND IT!
T if for Tommy C (the man behind the camera)
U is for unmentionable stuff that never makes the final cut-you know who you are
V is for Verses- its always a competition
W is for Whiplash- plenty of that after some big sends!  
X is for x-ray (poor Lil Robbo)
Y is for You first- Who is the first to hit the jump
Z is for Zany- well their all a little crazy and we struggled with Z