At Nukeproof we work with the best media in the industry to helps our riders make the correct/ best informed decision on what bike, component or ride wear is right for them and their riding. Please see below some of our latest products


GIGA 297 Elite: 2022 Enduro Bike of the Year


"The Giga 297’s balance, geometry and electrifying corner-carving speed are what really helps this machine stand out from the crowd". Beautifully balanced geometry; well-measured suspension; terrifyingly fast through the turns; solid parts package.


 "The Nukeproof Giga 290 Factory secured Best In Test.... No other bike was able to generate as much speed and at the same time inspire so much confidence, whilst still offering a robust and potent spec straight out the box."


"The Megawatt scores a geometry, spec and suspension home run, making it our inaugural eMTB Bike of the Year. Goldilocks geometry figures; comfortable and efficient climbing; frugal but powerful Shimano motor; well-specced; easy to set up"

"Say hello to the third incarnation of the Nukeproof Scout 290. With more progressive geometry, it's ideal for the hardcore hardtail fan, and versatile enough for all-round riding.. Forgiving ride quality, with progressive geometry, wide range of frame sizes with shorter seat tubes across the board, frame size specific chainstay lengths, comprehensive frame protection"

"A women’s pant that hits the sweet spot with a solid price and great performance. Incredibly comfy on and off the bike, flattering design, great value for money"

"I had no reason to consider the wheels at all, in that they were performing well on a variety of terrain, rolling freely to the point where they basically went unnoticed."


"They were one of the alloy rims that survived testing entirely dent-free too."

"The Nukeproof Mega 290 Alloy Pro isn’t just the most affordable bike in the test, it’s also the fastest."

"Techy chutes are a walk in the park on the new Mega and it felt remarkable composed whenever it got steep enough for my bum to start twitching."

"The Nukeproof Horizon V2 wheelset offers budget conscious enduro and downhill mountain bikers a wheelset that supports hard charging without resorting to overly burly components. High quality hubs with a good pickup matched with custom rims present a great value proposition for those looking to upgrade their lackluster stock wheelset."


"The Blacklines manage to elevate themselves above the rest"


"Even if you don’t own a Nukeproof, its clothing range is well worth consideration."  

"The kit comes with an alloy back plate and three different lengths of strap. The longest strap accommodates an inner tube, 25g CO2 canister, a small pump and a tubeless repair kit."


MEGAWATT 297: "NukeProof's first e-MTB is an absolute belter"

MBUK's Verdict:

"Overall, the MegaWatt is hard to fault, thanks to its balanced geometry, impressive suspension and surprisingly agile handling. I’m a big fan."


"Great Shape"

""GIGA Factory 10/10"

MBR TEST WINNER- Giga 290c Factory Review

"MBUK 4.5 / 5"



Singletrack Magazine - MegaWatt Review

"Performance is second to none"

"9/10 Horizon Wheels- ."

"Fun, agile and capable? You bet"

"10/10 Horizon Pro-Flat Pedal of the Year"


It’s a thumbs up so far for the Nukeproof MegaWatt 297 Elite.

The spec is great, the price is very competitive and on the trails, the bike is bags of fun and adds loads of confidence on technical, challenging terrain. The bike will potter round mellow, surfaced trails but that feels like a waste, the MegaWatt is built to go fast.



MBR- Flat Pedal of the Year 5 years in a Row: Sam Hill Enduro/ Horizon Pro Pedal:

"This Horizon Pro is a perfectly rounded package that isn’t the lightest or the thinnest on test, but any pedals that rate higher on these fronts also have greater compromises elsewhere. It’s proven tough and simply feels so solid and secure underfoot for all shapes and sizes of rider, the Horizon is hard to beat. This new shape Enduro pedal is a very well-rounded package. Even with material shaved away to save meaningful grams, grip is still unquestionable and the platform is solid and secure underfoot for all shapes and sizes of rider, making it easy to recommend."

VITAL MTB Testing the 2021 Mega 290 RS. Link includes first ride and video.


MBR Magazine: Outland LS Jersey MBUK Most Wanted & Best Value (August 2020 issue)


MBUK Test Winner: Blackline LS Jersey

MBUK Magazine tested the Blackline Jersey Vs a host of other competitors  


"With an appealing price tag and some great features, could the Nukeproof Blacklines be the riding trousers we’ve all been waiting for?"

VITAL MTB Long term review of the Reactor 275c RS

"The bike wasted no time becoming our go-to for…well...pretty much any trail!"

Singletrack Magazine Editors Choice Award: Nirvana Jacket:

"It’s super breathable whilst remaining fully waterproof and it dries faster than it takes me to drink a pint."

Singletrack Magazine: Mega 275c Factory V4


Enduro Magazine: "BEST IN TEST MEGA 290 EXPERT"

Capable, confident and effortless to ride at the limit


REACTOR 290 ELITE: 2020 Trail Bike Of The Year

MBR's Verdict:

"In the Reactor 290c Elite, Nukeproof has delivered a 29er trail bike that easily meets the demands of modern trail riding. It has a buttery smooth suspension response, where its reactive 130mm travel never feels too soft or lacks the support needed for hard charging. And charging hard is what this bike actively encourages. The full carbon frame makes for a precision instrument that can be used to slice through any trail, but the Reactor is not so stiff as to make it a double-edged sword. Balance is the key, and Nukeproof has delivered on all fronts."



MBUK: It's pretty Much Been forgotten about since fitted. (Issue 367 October 2020)


Mountain Bike Action, USA: Nukeproof Reactor 290 Factory, A Well Balanced Rig that can handle handle any trail


MBR: v2 Horizon Carbon Handlebars; Solid, comfortable, responsive, competitively light and backed up by a lifetime warranty

THE LOAM WOLF, USA: The Horizon CS Pedal Review


A Budget pedal that can cut it with the big guns

The Electron Evo pedals tick the boxes when it comes to grip, reliability and price

The Nukeproof Mega 290 Carbon RS is a full-fledged race bike at an attractive price that needs no modification. The award jury was unanimous: let’s go racing!

Horizon Carbon: Design and Innovation Award Winner

The sweep and rise are perfect, and Nukeproof are confident enough to offer a lifetime warranty.... In fact, they are everything a good bar should be!


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