European Road Trip 2023



Do you want to demo a Nukeproof bike in Europe?

Keep an eye out for our European dates, as our demo team roll through.  

  • RADSport, Erdmann 20th June
  • Bike Love, 22nd June
  • French Cup, Val D'Allos, 1-2nd July  
  • Megavalanche, Alp D'Huez , 5-9th July
  • French Cup, Risoul, 15-16th July
  • Maxiavalanche, Cervini, 22nd-23rd July
  • Maxiavalanch, Pra Loup, 18th-20th August
  • Maxiavalanche, Ax 3 Domaines, 24-2th September

More dates to be added soon. Keep an eye on our Events & Demo page HERE

You can also contact one of European stores to ask, check them out HERE