The New Megawatt Carbon


Born from a shared heritage of performance, Nukeproof are proud to present the All New Megawatt Carbon in collaboration with SRAM.

The newest edition to Nukeproof's race proven e-enduro bikes and developed in tandem with the cutting-edge new SRAM Eagle Powertrain, its a bike Nukeproof couldn't be more proud of combining the latest and greatest in eMTB technology wrapped in a Carbon frame designed ready for the trails and race tracks.


Developed alongside the all new SRAM Eagle Powertrain, the Megawatt Carbon takes eMTB riding to the next level.

SRAM Eagle Powertrain creates an ecosystem of performance with integration between SRAM AXS components and SRAM Eagle Drivetrain and SRAMs all new software into one cohesive package.

The Nukeproof engineering team were honoured to be given a front row seat in the development of the SRAM Eagle Powertrain system giving them the opportunity to create the very best product in order to house this revolutionary system.

Starting with our award winning Megawatt geometry, suspension platform and kinematics, the Megawatt Carbon elevates all areas of detail, design and performance to the next level.

The combination of meticulous engineering, years of race research and an award winning platform, there is no bike more dialled on the market today.  

Let's start at the beginning...

Nukeproof's relationship with SRAM has spanned many years, being a pivotal partner to our Enduro and Downhill factory race teams. It was a great honour for the Nukeproof team to be approached over two years ago by the SRAM team to co-develop on this exciting new project.

Requiring little encouragement, the Nukeproof design and engineering team pivoted their attention to the then nameless Carbon Ebike to support the hugely exciting SRAM Eagle Powertrain. In just six short weeks, a pre production 'mule' was created to provide SRAM housing for the system.

Fast forward and many refinements later, an alloy mule verion of the Megawatt was developed. This platform was the test bed for thousands of hours or testing with SRAM and Nukeproof engineers. SRAM and Nukeporof also proved the new Powertrain throughout the 2022 E-Enduro World Series with the Nukeproof-SRAM Factory Racing team athletes and SRAM's Blackbox athlete Yannik Pontal. Yannick went on to win the overall World Championship with SRAM Eagle Powertrain. The Nukeproof "Mule" earning itself victory at the 2022 EWS E-100 in the Tweed Valley, with none other than Nukeproof boss Michael Cowan.

Rigorous innovation and adjustments following inital Megawatt Carbon samples and nearly three years after the first discussion, the Megawatt Carbon was born.


Built in synergy:
From the outset, it was imperative for the Nukeproof engineering teams to create a final product in synergy with SRAM and to meet key design principles from our engineers.
On of these features was allowing for the removal of the battery. To allow this, the SRAM motor is rotated around the bottom bracket parallel to the downtube. The benefits are two fold. This makes room for the 720Wh Battery to be removed for charging, changing at races or simply making it easier to load the Megawatt into/ onto your vehicle. Crucially it also allows for the battery to be mounted lower in the downtube too, which lowers the centre of gravity and improves handling.  
Engineers also took this oportunity to create some on the bike storage inside the battery cover. The battery door features two mounts that a Nukeproof Accessory mount can be fitted to to store all important tools.
Additionally, with the incredible Autoshift and Coastshift created by the SRAM Eagle Powertain system, there was a necessity for a more robust chain device. Nukeproof have designed and developed a bespoke and asthetically pleasing chain device that fits seamlessly into the design.

Lets address the elephant in the room, yes SRAM Eagle Powertrain uses a existing proven motor. But, this is not just an "off the shelf" solution, the Brose motor has been through the SRAM engineering lab and developed to be intergrated into the AXS eco-system and meet SRAM's standards.
The motor is also only one part of Eagle Powertrain. The clever engineering comes in the way all that multiple components talk to each other via the AXS Bridge Display. Using the latest SRAM Eagle Powertrain technology allows for shifting under load, this lads you to the main party tricks of the system:
Auto-shift: It's as it sounds, Eagle Powertrain can shift smoothly and efficiently automatically. This is done via multiple inputs from crank sensors, input power, wheel cadence (via no less than 6 magnetic sensors) and a few other ingredients. Auto-Shift ensures the rider is in the correct gear for maximum efficency and minimising load on the drivetrain (increasing longevity). It's a feature you didn't know you wanted until you have it. the rider also always has the oportuntiy to override the system or switch it off if desired. Riders can also adjust the input cadence via the AXS Pods to suit riding style and terrain.  
Coast-Shift: This is simply awesome when rolling through technical terrain. Coast-Shift allow riders to shift without turning the crank. Riders can pre-select gears for the trail ahead when they are unable to safely spin the cranks. Think descending in a gnarly rock garden, but you notice a steap pitch climb ahead, simply down shift and Coast-Shift will spin the chainring independant from the cranks to pre-select the gear.
Simply stunning: The result in using AXS technology is the cleanest cockpit of any ebike. Two AXS pods, where you can control shifting, dropper post, walk mode, Auto-shift on and off and cadence modes, makes for a super clean cockpit. The AXS bridge display on our top tube give riders all the info they need to focus on the trails ahead.
Range or Rally: keeping with the simple theme, SRAM Powertrains offers two power modes which can be changed on the fly. RANGE for those wanting maximise the battery life, as standard you will get 30% input power with a peak power of 500w. The second mode is RALLY with the full 680w peak power, with 85% assistance this is for those wanting to attack the trail ahead. If you want to dial this up or down, it couldn't be simpler, just dial in your prefered settings the modes in the SRAM AXS app.  
But don't trust our words though get out there and try one and judge it for yourself.  

Award-Winning Suspension Performance:

The new Megawatt Carbon suspension platform is an evolution of the current podium proven Megawatt/Mega platforms. Nukeproof have increased the starting rate marginally to help with a beginning to mid stroke suppleness. Mid stroke to end Stroke has increaseed in progression to help with support and improve the lively poppy feel increasing travel slightly to 172mm with a 24% progression.

Anti squat % has increased from 92% to 102% (at sag) in the climbing gears this enables the bike to stay up in its travel when tackling steep technical climbs.

Anti-rise % has stayed pretty similar - high % in the beginning stroke that helps keep a balanced braking/bike feel and falling off to allow suspension movement when taking bigger hits.

Geometry is designed around the saddle offset for each size to optimise seated weight distribution- even more important for an E-bike. This results in steeper seat angles across the board but especially on larger sizes for taller riders.

Uncompromised finish:
Further to the fully engineered chain device, battery cover and storage area the Megawatt Carbon has been designed and developed for riders convenience and ultimate performance.
As aforementioned the 720wh battery is removable using a simple one bolt system requiring just a 5mm allen key. Within the frame itself is tube in tube internal sleeved cable routing giving riders the option to run brakes UK or US style without compromise on hose/cockpit look and configuration.
Mud clearance is Northern Irish mud approved and offers riders clearance for up to 2.5" tyres.
The Frame itself houses the AXS bridge display flush and integrated on the top tube adding to the sleek feel of the frame. Additionally all frames from S-XL fit a 550ml water bottle and features a top tube accessory mount as well as the integrated storage within the battery door. As with alll Nukeproof frames, maximum seat post insertion has been considered and all frames allow for this.
Lastly, to keep your new Megawatt Carbon looking fresh for years to come, a fully comprehensive clear protection kit is included as standard as is 3D contoured rubber frame protection those all important areas.


The Megawatt Carbon is a no compromise vessel regardless of spec. Race researced, ridden and proven, the Megawatt Pro and RS leave very little to be desired. It is worth noting both specifications feature the following:
  • SRAM Eagle Powertain featuring AXS Bridge display
  • Autoshift, Cadence adjustment and Coastshift
  • Rockshox Reverb AXS
  • AXS pods programmable to accomodate shifting, dropper post control, Power mode and Cadence adjustment
  • SRAM E-Bike Battery Charger
  • Continental Kryptotal (Front: Super soft. Rear: Soft)
  • Sam Hill signature grips
  • Nukeproof Horizon 45mm stem
  • AXS charger
  • Nukeproof Carbon Bottle cage
  • Nukeproof Horizon saddle
  • Nukeproof accessory mount and strap


Nukeproof feel passionately that all bikes should be offered with the highest spec and our Megawatt Carbon Pro is no different. With the same Carbon bars, Carbon bottle cage, Sam Hill grips and Continental Rubber as its big brother. The main difference is the Pro is donning the finest GX gearing, Horizon V2 Wheels and a Vivid Select+ shock.


The top of the range SRAM components and suspension paired with Nukeproof's podium winning carbon bars, Horizon Pro Wheels, Sam Hill Grips and Horizon saddle and carbon bottle cage. Completed with the finest Continental Kryptotal rubber. A bike that is simply, the highest spec vessel.  


Megawatt carbon is in select Nukeproof approved stores now in sizes medium and large, with Small, XL and XXL being available late October.

Megawatt Carbon Pro:

In Stock from: 2nd October (UK/EU/USA)

£8,799.99 (GBP) / €10,499.99 (Euro) / $9,899 (USD)

Megawatt Carbon RS:

In Stock from: 2nd October (UK/EU/USA)

£9,999.99 (GBP) / €11,999.99 (Euro) / $10,899 (USD